How the CANCER Zodiac manipulates all the 12 Zodiac Sign

Cancers Zodiac are intrinsically very sensitive, which is why they often withdraw from the world. They take emotional injuries and insults to heart. At the same time they are very sensitive and are rather shy in encounters with others.  
Their sensitivity is also their best instrument of manipulation, because no sign succeeds so well in putting themselves in others' shoes, as does the Cancer Zodiac. 
They are soft and act based on their emotions. As a sign of the fourth house, Cancers stand for everything that has to do with our origins, our roots and our heritage. We associate deep-seated feelings with these aspects, which can rarely be influenced by conscious decisions. 

Cancer and Cancer 

As always with the first sign, mutual under-standing and a great accord characterize this relationship. Cancers may, however, bring the 

other person to completely turn away from the world and others for fear of injury, thereby causing them to miss many beautiful encounters with others.

Cancer and Leo

For the Leo, Cancer is the 12th sign. The Leo admires the empathy of the Cancer, who perceives many nuances that escape Leos in theirs self-centeredness. Therefore, it is easy for the Cancer to manipulate the Leo. Cancers can convince Leos that they does not perceive particular nuances and that others who are superficially friendly are in reality laughing at the Leo. The Leo, however, needs recognition by others as much as the air we breathe. He will believe in such a manipulation without questioning and will be very unhappy about it. 

Cancer and Virgo

For the Virgo, Cancer is the eleventh sign. In principle, the two meet in a friendly manner and Virgos benefit from the fact that Cancers are sensitive enough to respond to their needs. The manipulative effect of Cancer on the Virgo is correspondingly low. The Cancer can have a manipulative influence on the Virgo by always appealing to the Virgo's emotional side. To cope with his everyday life, it is often neces-sary to push personal feelings and problems aside. 

This works very well for the Virgin. However, Cancers can make appropriate comments that allow Virgos to be guided by their feelings and thus question their routine actions. For example, the Cancer can appeal to the Virgo's sense of compassion when it comes to the suffering of animals in the meat indus-try, or suggest that the Virgo is not emotion-ally involved enough with children, partners or friends due to their strict sense of duty. 

Cancer and Libra

The Cancer meets the Libra as the tenth sign, so this relationship is a matter of leadership and dominance. Cancers can prove to be very insightful and humane bosses who have a sincere interest in their employees. If a Cancer wants to manipulate a Libra, he only has to appeal to their sense of justice and will thus bring the Libra to take on tasks for which they are not paid or persuade the Libra to take on more responsibility than they actually have to. The Libra is ideal for taking the rap for others.

Cancer and Scorpio

As the ninth sign, the Cancer may enrich the life of Scorpio a great deal by making the Scorpio familiar with new lessons that can change his worldviews significantly. At the same time, Cancers are also very successful demagogues in the guise of a humble teachers and support-ers of absolute truths. It is precisely because the Cancer manages so well to empathize with others and to recognize their needs, he can seduce and alienate the Scorpio ideologically. The Cancer bestows recognition, compassion and understanding. The Scorpio often feels misunderstood and is therefore defenseless against this type of manipulation. 

Cancer and Sagittarius 

The Sagittarius fears nothing as much as failure and life crises. He will do anything to avoid them and get into a real panic if a failure threatens. The Cancer may support him in his emotional coping of the crisis, but it is also easy for the Cancer to manipulate the Sagittarius once the Cancer has gained the trust of the Sagittarius. The Cancer will convince the Sagittarius of dangers that do not exist and thus move him to action, which cost him a lot of money and only benefit the Cancer. 

Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer is the seventh sign for the Capricorn. For the overthinking Capricorn, there is a great attraction to the sensitive Cancer. If the Cancer wants to manipulate the Capricorn, he aims at the often-suppressed feelings of the Capricorn, which the Capricorn considers as a weakness. The Cancer brings the Capricorn to trust him with his most intimate secrets in order to use these against him later. 

Cancer and Aquarius

The Aquarius makes compromises for the love of his friends. He does not like to be alone and needs the company of others. The Cancer successfully persuades the Aquarius that he must make numerous concessions in order not to be left alone, which is one of the greatest fears of the Aquarius. The Aquarius knows that he often lacks a deep emotional attachment to his many friends and partners. He is capable of rallying people around him and inspiring them. He gets along well with everyone a superficial level, but deep relation-ships are rather hard for him. The Cancer may take advantage of this uncertainty and bring the Aquarius to act against his nature, but this does not serve the Aquarius well for long, since he will rebel against it and act cold to the Cancer. 

Cancer and Pisces

Cancer and Pisces are both water signs, so they have a lot in common. Feelings play a major role for them. A collaboration promises creative successes and a friendship can be very deep and intimate. The Cancer may manipulate the Pisces by persuading him to ascribe his feelings even more importance than he already does. The Cancer confirms to the Pisces even the most irrational emotion and reinforces this. Thus the Pisces loses touch with reality all too easily and can lose himself in obsessions and delusions. 

Cancer and Aries

The Aries will always prefer to put their head through the wall. The Cancer recognizes this impulse and will hold the Aries back from them by asking him questions like: "What would your father say?" or "How could you do that to your mother?" In this way, the Cancer slows down the Aries and forces him to keep himself in check. This can be positive, but can also make the Aries into a toothless tiger that is alienated from his own nature. 

Cancer and Taurus

Cancer is the third sign for the Taurus. The great strength of Cancer is that he listens very carefully. Reading between the lines, Cancer reads hidden longings and fears. It is precisely these that the Cancer will use against the Taurus when he tries to manipulate him. For example, the Cancer can incite the Taurus to jealous behavior by persuading him that his partner would flirt with others and thus de-stroy the relationship. 

Cancer and Gemini

The Cancer meets the Gemini as its second sign. Actually, the Gemini does not place much 
value on material items, but it is part of the manipulation by the Cancer to abandon this attitude, at least temporarily. The Cancer will use the right arguments, such as the safe-guarding of their own family or the fear of an accident, to bring the Gemini to invest money for financial security and insurance. 



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