How the Taurus manipulates other Zodiac Sign

 Persons born under the sign of Taurus are generally extremely pragmatic and down-to-earth, and do not readily lose their composure. 

Their virtues do not include an exaggerated ambition -but they are able to enjoy life in all its aspects.

What motivates them are aspects such as material possessions, image and reputation, social and financial security as well as the creation of a secure basis of life. These aspects also characterise the 2nd House, which Taurus precedes

Tauruses are characterised by their good disposition.Although not prone to quick reactions, once they have decided to act, then their reactions are vehement and irrevocable. 

Their strong points are endurance and resilience, although they are all too easily seduced by pleasure and cosiness.

Taurus individuals are often characterized as practical, patient, and persistent. When it comes to relationships, they may employ certain strategies to get what they want or to influence others. Here are some ways a Taurus might be perceived as. 


 Taurus and Taurus 

Taurus and Taurus encounter each other as the first sign. Their relationship is characterised by understanding and fundamental agreement. As partners and friends, their thoughtful actions can provide a sense of reality to projects and decisions while putting a break on the hot-headed ideas or daydreams of other signs. 

A Taurus manipulates another Taurus by making it all too cosy for him in his comfort zone - this resulting in the Taurus neglecting his goals and ambitions without being aware of it. Sometimes it is necessary in life to strive for something in order to achieve something- even if this entails risks or ex-pending great effort. 

  Taurus and Gemini 

For the Gemini, the Taurus is the twelfth sign. In the positive sense, the Taurus can help the Gemini to acquire a more down-to-earth attitude. On the negative side, however, the Taurus can also have a literally paralysing effect on the Gemini. The Gemini begins to neglect his own wide-ranging interests and virtually comes to a standstill. The Taurus achieves this by capturing the Gemini's attention with practical and material questions of life and giving him the impression that it is these questions that constitute the content and meaning of life. The Gemini needs new ideas and spiritual development as much as the air he breathes. He is constantly in search of new intellectual challenges. The Taurus is able to seduce him into pleasure, apathy and idleness, with the result that the Gemini neglects his talents.  

Taurus and Cancer 

For the Cancer, the Taurus is the eleventh sign. As their relationship stands under the heading 'friendship", it is therefore often positive. Taurus and Cancer complement each other, since the Cancer is more creative while the Taurus is more down-to-earth. If a Taurus wishes to manipulate a Cancer, then he achieves it by making the Cancer unsure of his effect on others. He talks him into being more suspicious of other people and observe their signals and utterances more critically. This can lead to the Cancer turning inwards more than usual and ultimately becoming lonely. 


Taurus and Leo 

For the Leo, the Taurus is the tenth sign. The Taurus frequently behaves as the Leo's superior or supervisor, which is difficult to reconcile with his huge ego. The Taurus envies the Leo for his impact in public and his popularity - and this is where he works at manipulating him. The Taurus knows that the Leo is susceptible to flattery and insults and makes use of both of these for his manipulating. Sometimes he will praise him to the skies only to dress him down in public in front of others and give his judgement the legitimacy of absolute authority and objectivity, thus making any objection pointless. The actual arbitrariness of this action will unnerve the Leo and cause him to doubt his own abilities. 

Taurus and Virgo 

For the Virgo, the Taurus is the ninth sign. In principle, the two signs complement each other extremely well, even though the Taurus can be too untidy for the Virgo's liking. The Taurus can entice the Virgo into taking a more relaxed view and devoting himself to pleasures and an easy life. The danger here is that the Virgo absolutely needs this orderliness and organisation to feel good. If the Taurus uses distractions to prevent this from happening, there is a risk for the Virgo either that he either loses touch with himself or serious conflicts occur. If the Taurus wishes to manipulate the Virgo, he will surprise him with spontaneous trips and appointments and disturb Virgo's normal routine with professions of sympathy and gifts that seem positive at first sight. 

 Taurus and Libra 

For the Libra, the Taurus is the eighth sign. Libras are not good at handling crises. The Taurus can help them to improve this ability while accepting that failure is also part of life. In crisis situations, the Taurus can provide eminently practical tips, which have an immediate effect. The manipulative potential of this relationship lies in a possible dependence of the Libra on the Taurus, the Libra henceforth taking the Taurus' suggestions as laws to base a successful and content life on, a view that the Taurus is only too keen on confirming by appropriate utterances. 

 Taurus and Scorpio 

As is the case with all seventh signs, a strong attraction exists between Taurus and Scorpio. The Taurus finds it easy to seduce the Scorpio-including sexually- by specifically awakening and feeding his passions. Although the Taurus' capability for pleasure and the Scorpio's passion can lead to fireworks of desire and devotion, these relationships are rarely of long duration. The Scorpio does not like the fact that it so difficult to ruffle the Taurus - he seeks fights and confrontations, heated discus-sions and a gain in knowledge. This, though, is not possible with the Taurus. It is easy for the Scorpio to manipulate the Taurus by making him jealous in a precisely targeted manner, thus bringing him out of his shell. 

 Taurus and Sagittarius 

For the Sagittarius, the Taurus is the sixth sign. When it is a question of moral convictions, the Sagittarius is only rarely prepared to undertake pragmatic compromises. However, this is precisely what the Taurus compels him to do. He requests the Sagittarius not to perceive things in an overly narrow manner-which can be very beneficial for the Sagittarius. The latter's sense of identity, however, is based on defending these moral principles as well as his pride. In the event that he softens his attitude, then this can result in an identity crisis with an unknown outcome since his reputation will suffer as a consequence. The others admire him for his moral integrity and intransigence. It is possible for the relativisation of these characteristics to convulse his entire social environment and reveal the Sagittarius as a hypocrite. 

 Taurus and Capricorn 

This encounter involves two signs with horns on their heads, neither of whom are fundamentally prepared to compromise on their own determination. For this reason, a lively partnership and friendship can result from this association which flourishes on the basis of mutual support and pragmatism. If the Taurus wishes to manipulate the Capricorn, then he eggs him on to ever greater ambition until he overestimates his powers, falters and tumbles, while the Taurus casually leans back and watches. 

 Taurus and Aquarius 

For the Aquarius, the Taurus is the fourth sign. Although the Aquarius has basically little in common with the subject of tradition that dominates this relationship, this is exactly where the Taurus gets to work. He talks the Aquarius into dealing with things more in a traditional way and not to allow himself to be guided by his unconventional desires and ideas. He reminds him that this is the reason for his previous failures. However, the Aquarius is a free spirit, for whom conservative values are poison. 

 Taurus and Pisces 

For the Pisces, the Taurus is the third sign. If the Taurus attempts to manipulate the Pisces, then he will represent him as unreliable and dreamy to others, thus making them change their attitude to the Pisces. By comments of this type, he will unsettle the Pisces and give him the feeling of being unable to live his daily life alone and therefore needing constant guidance and instruction. 

 Taurus and Aries 

For the Aries, the Taurus is the second sign. In this relationship, the Taurus only possesses a small amount of manipulative potential. In-stead, it is often the case that he helps the Aries to discover his talents and abilities. The Aries will admire the Taurus for his strength and poise and thereby fall into self-doubt himself. Tauruses give Aries the impression that they frequently snub others and are not welcome as a result. This can lead either to withdrawal and isolation on the part of the Aries, or to making his behaviour to others even more non-committal than is already the case. This will cost him many important friends. 


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