What you Need to know if TAURUS date a SCORPIO


Earth and water. The chemistry sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Water nourishes earth and earth holds and contains water. However, every sign has a polar opposite—Aries/Libra, Taurus/Scorpio, Gemini/Sagittarius and so on around the zodiac. This means that you and Scorpio occupy the same axis, are compatible in terms of elements, and share the same fixed sign modality. You are opposites, mirror images of each other. 

You’re a cultivator, Taurus, and Scorpio is an investigator. You perceive the world through a lens of practicality; Scorpio perceives everything through emotions and intuition. When this combination works, it does so because you and Scorpio balance each other. One possesses traits that the other doesn’t. 

While Scorpio is investigating, researching and probing into life’s mysteries, you should be doing what you do best—cultivating your resources, pursuing your dreams and enjoying the beauty that surrounds you. It’s risky to make Scorpio the center of your world. You can’t cultivate this sign, but you can enrich and expand Scorpio’s life in ways that benefit both of you.



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