How the Gemini manipulates all the 12 Zodiac Sign

Geminis are multifaceted personalities who frequently attract attention by their strong in-tellect or other talents. They possess complex personalities and are often even contradictory - the have, as the saying goes, two faces. 

They symbolise the puberty stage of life, 

which involves spiritual growth, exploration and criticism, learning and communication.

 'Who do I want to be?"is one of the typical questions that the Gemini asks himself. 

Although the Gemini possesses an agile mind, pondering about things for a long time and concentration are not part of his repertoire. They find it easy to look at the bigger picture although often being buffeted by rapidly changing emotional states of mind and only rarely reveal themselves as predictable and stable. 

Gemini and Gemini 

Geminis often have the feeling that nobody in the world understands them. They feel out of place and lonely. Another Gemini, however, understands this feeling and its cause, so that Geminis support each other. Nevertheless, one Gemini can very easily manipulate another Gemini into a cocoon-like life, thus no longer giving other persons the chance to understand him. If one Gemini wishes to manipulate an-other, then he will talk him into believing that nobody understands him as well as he does, and that he should therefore cut off all other contacts. 

Gemini and Cancer 

For Cancers, the Gemini is the twelfth sign. Cancers, by their very nature, are receptive to everything mysterious-to that which is not revealed at first sight. It is therefore no surprise that they are utterly fascinated by Geminis and their diversity. This is precisely where the danger lies. This fascination can turn into dependency and addictive behaviour, which the Gemini strengthens by means of contradictory signals. For example, one day he will inform the Cancer that he is very fond of him and appreciates him, only the next day to treat him in a dismissive and detached way. This way, he plunges the Cancer into a deep emotional dependence, in which he believes he is unable to live without the Gemini. 

Gemini and Leo 

An unusual friendship is often associated with Gemini and Leo. The Leo is loud and temper-amental, while the Gemini is thoughtful and difficult to understand. For this reason, they rarely compete with each other and are thus 

able to enjoy the benefits of the other. The Gemini only rarely succeeds in manipulating the Leo, except when he challenges him in an intellectual field and gives the Leo the feeling that he bows to the Leo's superior knowledge. Although the Leo is unable to resist such a challenge, he fails against the Gemini, and this failure hurts his pride. 

Gemini and Virgo 

For the Virgo, the Gemini is the tenth sign. For the Virgo, success is not as important as maintaining the ordered way of life he is used to. However, in order to impress the Gemini, he can deviate from this. While the Gemini can motivate the Virgo to realise himself and attain new goals, he can also drive the Virgo crazy with his unpredictability. The Virgo is obliged to know where he stands - and it is precisely this certainty that is denied to him by the Gemini. He is at a loss to understand what the Gemini (who commonly appears as his boss or in a superior position) expects from him, and this leads to frustration and self-doubt. 

Gemini and Libra 

For the Libra, the Gemini is the ninth sign. Here the subject is 'broadening of horizons". The Libra is infatuated by the diverse interests of the Gemini and is only all too happy to be inspired by him and beguiled into intellectual flights of fancy. Even so, fairness and balance are important factors for the Libra, and in this regard the Gemini has severe deficits. If a Gemini wishes to manipulate a Libra, then he inveigles him into becoming his accomplice in unfair and arbitrary processes. 

Gemini and Scorpio 

For the Scorpio, the Gemini is the eighth sign. The passion and belligerence of the Scorpio makes him virtually predestined for conflicts and crises, which the Gemini is skilled in intensifying. He will spur the Scorpio on to plunge into hopeless struggles and reject other persons, so that he will end up all alone in emergencies. Although Geminis possess an agile mind, energy and vigour are not among their strong points. They prefer to stay in the safer waters of intellectual and spiritual ideas - i.e. words and not deeds. They can misuse the Scorpio, assume responsibility for them by suggesting to him it is a matter of struggling for truth, of life and death, there is something so crucial at stake here that under no circum-stances can it be given up. 

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Gemini and Sagittarius 

As contradictory as these two star signs might appear at first sight, their relationship is shaped by the aspect of "partnership' and it often possible for their association to result in a successful business model and long-standing friendship, the success of which is based on them giving each other sufficient freedom. The potential for manipulation by the Gemini on the Sagittarius is based on his talking the Sagittarius into deals and businesses that he really does not want. 

Gemini and Capricorn 

Geminis and Capricoms do not get on with each other very well. Although the Capricorn has no interest in the moods of the Gemini, the fact that that Gemini is his sixth sign leaves him with no other choice than to repeatedly having to listen to the Gemini's criticism. This can demand quite a bit from the Capricorn and even make him unhappy. Emotional arbitrariness is something that he cannot understand and thus becomes an unknown factor in his plans. By this means, the Gemini can drain the Capricorn of energy and - by repeated use of emotional dramas and changes of mood - dis-tract him from achieving his goals. 

Gemini and Aquarius 

This is an encounter involving two congenial soul-mates. The relationship between an Aquarius and a Gemini is often characterised by a deep understanding and harmony, be-cause the Aquarius is prepared to accept the Gemini as he is. For this reason, his potential for manipulation on the Gemini is stronger than the other way round. As his fifth sign, the Gemini can manipulate the Aquarius by issu-ing the Aquarius' ideas and plans as his own. As competitive thinking and envy are rather alien concepts for the Aquarius, it will not be an easy matter for him to identify this behav-iour and defend himself against it. 

Gemini and Pisces 

Pisces think and act on gut instinct. They are only rarely able to rationally justify their decisions. The Gemini succeeds in influencing these emotional decisions in accordance with his own wishes by persuading the Pisces that his gut instinct is not consistent with traditional values. In doing so, he benefits from what he can find out about the fundamental intellectual attitudes of the Pisces, and exploits this knowledge against the Pisces in a targeted manner. 

Gemini and Aries 

The Aries are an easy prey for Geminis. They are aware of the Aries' stubbornness and rather irascible character and accordingly influence him by using clever methods of communication. For example, a Gemini will always 
suggest the opposite of what he really wants to an Aries, because he knows that the Aries will contradict him and ultimately do the opposite - i.e. precisely what the Gemini wants him to do. 

Gemini and Taurus 

Taurus, as an earth sign, has by nature a close association to everything material. This is both one of his strong points and part of his weakness that the Gemini knows how to take advantage of. He makes the Taurus worry about the possibility of losing his possessions, thus making him susceptible to manipulations. As the Taurus finds it difficult to follow the Gemini's intellectual flights of fancy, it is a simply matter for the Gemini to persuade the Taurus that he is stupid. 


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