What you Need to know if GEMINI date a SCORPIO

 Never boring 

As a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury, you’re the communicator of the zodiac. Your approach to life is primarily intellectual and lies in the realm of ideas; Scorpio’s approach is intuitive and lies in the realm of feelings and emotions. Air and water—a mutable sign and a fixed sign. Is there any hope for these two? Actually, there is, and with a few caveats, this combination can work quite well. 

You’re intrigued by Scorpio’s ability to investigate and dig for answers, and Scorpio admires your ability to pull ideas out of thin air. There could be some great teamwork here for a business or creative venture, if both of you are so inclined. You’re so versatile, Gemini, that keeping things interesting and varied in a dating relationship won’t be a challenge, and Scorpio will enjoy the diversity. You tend to be more social than Scorpio, able to talk to anyone about virtually anything. But a steady diet of socializing will become tiresome for Scorpio, so strive for balance in this regard. 

As a mutable sign, you’re able to adapt quickly and easily, particularly in a fluid situation. Scorpio, as a fixed sign, is more likely to dig in his heels and refuse to change his mind or budge an inch. This tendency shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re the one who always gives in.



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