FIVE OR MORE FIRE PLANETS or lot of fire planets in the SOLAR RETURN

 There is a great similarity between the solar return with five or more cardinal planets and the one with five or more fire planets. 

The fire personality is like a kid with a new toy, obsessed with one project, one job, one idea, one goal, one relationship, or one particular issue. But the fire can burn too furiously and be quickly spent. The cardinal person does a little bit of everything at once, and the fire person does one thing furiously for a period of time. 

The danger is that neither will be productive. But the option for great achievement and productivity is there when a sense of timing is coupled with enthusiasm and inspiration. You may need to compensate for heavy activity with quiet periods and withdrawal. Realize that you tend to exert energy in a cyclic manner and allow for slow periods. Optimize times of great activity by channeling your energy into constructive pursuits. Intellectual spirituality and idealism are sometimes associated with a lot of fire planets in the solar return chart. 

There can be a love for the ideal or philosophical, but it is more common to simply feel inspired by future possibilities. This can be a time of great enthusiasm if you recognize your ability to create something new and then move forward manifesting your vision. 

Here are some specific things that you may experience during a year with a lot of fire planets in your solar return chart:
  • Increased energy and motivation. You may feel like you can do anything! 
  • A strong desire to take action. You may have a lot of new ideas and projects that you want to get started on. 
  • A heightened sense of passion and excitement. You may feel more alive than ever before. 
  • A tendency to be more impulsive and reckless. It is important to be mindful of this energy and to think before you act. 
  • A tendency to be more competitive and aggressive. It is important to channel this energy in a healthy way, such as through sports or competition.
Overall, a year with a lot of fire planets in your solar return chart can be a very exciting and productive year. However, it is important to be mindful of this energy and to use it wisely.

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