SUN SEXTILE or TRINE MARS in Your Yearly Solar Return Chart

  Mars symbolizes the energy necessary for successful accomplishment, and you are likely to succeed with the sextile or trine aspect in Solar Return. 
Success might be easier because of the assistance of others or the support you receive in funds and resources. Conditions are right, and you are able to move ahead with confidence. Timing is generally not a problem as you have what you need when you need it, and in the correct order. Your task is to stay with the momentum. Success comes in the form of personal or professional achievement, especially when you are innovative and industrious. First-time projects or ambitious endeavors are especially appropriate this Solar return year. 

When Mars is sextile or trine the Sun in Solar Return, 

your interests and goals are compatible and balanced with those of others. You are able to be a team player in a major group effort or cooperative venture. Perhaps you are the leader in this effort, or instead, perhaps you contribute in your own way, and at your own level of commitment. Either way, your success can be intertwined with the success of the group, and your contribution is important. 

Though the project may require a great deal of effort, expectations are within reason. Competition tends to be healthy and friendly. You are motivated by the discoveries of others, and others are encouraged by your findings and efforts. If you are working within a group, this can result in a chain reaction of advancement. If you are working alone, this can result in recognition. 

Whatever you commit to, can be accomplished. Handle situations with an eye toward fairness. Know when you are right. Be an advocate and defend others when you see injustice. Think before you act. You are most effective when you address issues in a calm and rational manner. You have the ability to motivate others in a positive and productive way. Your success can be infectious. Direct the efforts of others into productive endeavors. You can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time, so while you have the energy and a can-do attitude, move ahead quickly.


What brought Couple Together to get Married, Synastry or Composite?

 Is Because of Zodiac Sign Compatibility?  Conjuction, Trine and Sextile, Between the Chart? What I found is that the COMPOSITE CHART Dominated in Importance of what brought Couple To get Married. When it comes to marriage, both synastry and composite charts can be helpful in understanding what brought the couple together and what their relationship has the potential to be. However, the COMPOSITE CHART is often more informative in this regard, as it provides a more holistic view of the relationship. Here are some specific ways in which synastry and composite charts can be used to understand marriage:

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