SUN Square or Opposite JUPITER In your Yearly Solar Return Chart

  The major task associated with the Sun square or opposite Jupiter in the solar return chart is an expansion of the personality into new areas of experience and expertise, while still staying true to yourself. 

There is a possibility of being tempted and pulled off track, compromising your principles. Your expansion should be consistent with your philosophical beliefs, spiritual goals, and career aspirations. The other danger associated with this combination is excessive behavior related to workaholic tendencies, spending practices, diet, health habits, or any other activity. 

A refusal to curb personal needs and actions overwhelms partners and family members who have their own preferences and agendas. It is important to maintain a sense of balance and not overdo even if you feel pushed to excess by external goals, people, or circumstances. 

Beneficial opportunities are associated with Jupiter aspects; however, there is no guarantee of a positive return. You may have to create your own opportunities with the square or opposition aspect. You can augment the possibilities by believing in yourself. Be enthusiastic. Take calculated risks to manifest the best results.


COMPOSITE CHART READING for Potential Partnership

 Potential Partnership with Success and High Achievement in Composite Chart. Composite Chart Vs Synastry Composite charts and synastry are two different approaches used in astrology to analyze and understand the dynamics of relationships, whether they are romantic, familial, or professional. Both methods involve comparing the birth charts of two individuals, but they focus on different aspects of the relationship.