Mars symbolizes the energy necessary for completing tasks and accomplishing major endeavors. 
When Mars is conjunct the Sun in Solar Return, 
You need to have a project requiring sustained effort that you can channel your energy into productively. Not having this focus and commitment can lead to restlessness. 

Timing might be important to your success. 

Don't procrastinate. Success comes in the form of personal or professional achievement when you are involved in original and creative work. First-time projects or ambitious endeavors are especially appropriate. When the Solar return Sun and Mars are conjunct, they can indicate considerable self-interest, even to the detriment of others. 
Too much emphasis on self makes for tense relations. Others may view you as competitive and aggressive when you should be a contributing team player. In stressful situations, competition could escalate into anger and conflict. You may need to defend yourself, your actions, or your project from those who would disagree or rather see you fail. Prolonged anger creates blockages which waste energy in a cycle of negative emotions that have no real purpose or goal, leading to self-sabotage and destructive urges. 

The question becomes, "Are others jealous?" or "Do you have a chip on your shoulder?" Balance self-interest with the concerns of others. Deal with aggression, conflict, and anger in an effective and positive manner. If you let your temper flare, things will only get worse. If you are stressed out and under the gun regarding tasks and responsibilities, do not take it out on others. Think before you act and respond intelligently to inquiries. There is a tendency for everyone to overreact. Handle situations with an eye toward fairness. 

When you see injustice, become an advocate and defend those in need. Motivate others to direct their efforts into productive endeavors. You can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time, so while you have the energy and a can-do attitude, move ahead quickly.


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