PLUTO Opposition Mercury/Mars MIDPOINT in Birth Chart Reading

Pluto Opposition Mercury/Mars Midpoint combines the energies of Pluto's power and intensity can clash with Mercury's need for logic and reason, and Mars's impulsiveness can be at odds with Pluto's desire for control..

Ang Illustration of PLUTO Opposition Mercury/Mars MIDPOINT
In Natal or Birth Chart Reading,
 Sometimes you become impatient and even belligerent with others if you feel that their ideas are poorly constructed or based on erroneous assumptions. You are shrewd and insightful but sometimes you are not as open to other points of view as you think you are.

When Pluto opposes the Mercury/Mars midpoint, it intensifies the already dynamic and forceful nature of this midpoint. It can indicate a powerful drive to communicate and assert yourself in a way that delves deep into psychological or transformational topics. You may be drawn to subjects related to power, control, and deep psychological understanding.

People with this placement may be drawn to careers in psychology, psychotherapy, or other fields that involve working with the unconscious mind. They may also be interested in spiritual or esoteric studies. They may also have a strong interest in self-transformation and personal growth.

And This is the Example Case Study of Reading  MIDPOINT in Birth chart. 
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