VENUS Conjunct MARS/JUPITER Midpoint in BIRTH CHART Reading

Venus Conjunct Mars/Jupiter,  Or Venus the Planet Activate Mars/Jupiter Midpoint, combines the energies of Venus (love, attraction, harmony), Mars (passion, drive, assertiveness), and Jupiter (expansion, growth, abundance)

An Illustartion in birth chart about VENUS Conjunct MARS/JUPITER Midpoint

When these planets come together at their  MIDPOINT in Birth Chart Interpretation, 
  • You are a creative, warm, and friendly person. 
  • You are romantic, open, and generous. 
  • You are thoughtful and generous, and you enjoy taking time to be with friends or going out to have a good time. 
You can be very successful in an area that involves art, creativity, friendliness, or entertainment. Your constructive, positive attitude draws good opportunities to you.

This VENUS Conjunct MARS/JUPITER Midpoint  can also indicate a talent for creativity and self-expression. People with this midpoint may be drawn to careers in the arts, entertainment, or business. They are also likely to be successful in relationships, as they are able to express their love and affection freely..

However, this midpoint can also be challenging. 

The conjunction of Venus and Mars can create a tendency towards impulsiveness and recklessness. People with this midpoint may need to learn to control their urges and to think before they act. They may also need to be careful not to become too materialistic or self-absorbed..

And This is the Example Case Study of Reading  MIDPOINT in Birth chart. 
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