This is How Solar Return Chart Correlate to Day For A Year Progressed Chart

 The Solar Return Chart and the Day-for-a-Year Progression ( Secondary Progression ) are two different techniques in Predictive astrology ( Time Lord Prediction Method ) used to explore and interpret the energies and themes of a specific period in a person's life. While they are distinct methods, they can provide complementary insights when used together. 

Here's how the Progressed Chart ( Secondary Progression ) Look when we Visualize it in Overall Reading.

First and foremost, it's essential to grasp the overall theme before drawing conclusions about specific events. For instance, if you observe in the Secondary Progressed Chart that Progressed Jupiter forms a Trine Aspect to the Moon (correlating to good luck and optimism), you might immediately feel a rush of joy. You'll say in your self that this year is very fortunate year you. 

However, you didn't look at other challenging aspects, and on the day in question, you might not have sensed the luck you expected. In the end, you're disappointed by the outcome of the prediction. This is because the influence of the bad events that occurred outweighed the positive ones.

Meanwhile, this is how it is in the Solar Return Chart.

In the given chart, you will immediately notice the presence of a Grand Square involving the Sun. Also, pay attention to the Solar Return Year I used, which is 2025 ( See Blue ink below ). This is because I want to observe the correlation between the Solar Return and the Progressed Chart.

Now, if we're going to base it solely on the Solar Return, we would most likely immediately think that this is a bad or hard aspect. However, it actually co-correlates with business success and Goodluck Optimism.

Meanwhile, In the Progressed Chart in the above Given, You Notice the Very high  Spike of Good Luck Optimism ( Correlate to Jupiter Transit ) Around year 2025. Rarely does the Very High spike occur in the Progressed Chart, and of course, the Grand square aspect involving the Natal Sun with the Transiting Sun also rarely happens.

In the 2024 Solar Return year, it is like this...

In this chart, the Natal Sun doesn't have any Aspect to the planets in the Current Transit. As you can observe, the Natal Sun is always in an opposition aspect with Natal Pluto. And a Natal Pluto is always in a trine aspect with Natal Neptune. If you adjust this by just one day, for example, setting the current date from April 25 to April 26, the aspects would change. This is what is referred to as your Progressed Solar Return year.

If you're asking how the Astrosignature Chart is created in the provided first picture, it's done through a process similar to Weighting analysis, like this.

Jan 12, 2025   Day-for-a-Year Prog to Natal
    2.59 Points, Prog Jupiter sxt Natal Uranus, Orb = 0°34'
  TOTAL= 2.59 points


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