Astrological Transit of JUPITER in Virgo

 In the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun is in Virgo at harvest time. 

In a year when Jupiter's grace touches Virgo's harvest energy, the potential payoff is richer than it has been in more than a decade. Virgo is the sign of work and health, but more importantly, it is the sign of the rituals and habits behind them. 

Someone once said that "work is love made visible"; Virgo is the sign of craft, of precise and loving work, and during this Jupiter cycle you're called to examine the work you're doing. 

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Have you outgrown your work? Have you been thinking too small, when what you have to offer the world through your work is really very large? Or perhaps you planted a seed twelve years ago, when Jupiter was last in this sign, and now it has grown so strong and lush and is bearing so much fruit that you're ready to retire and move on to something else. 

While Jupiter is in Virgo, enjoy the fruits of your labor and make peace with the seeds that didn't bear fruit. Plant new crops, for you know better now which crops are right for you and how to cultivate them. Love your work Improve your skills. Enlarge your résumé. Tend your fields with care, and you can look forward to a rich harvest the next time Jupiter is in Virgo! 

Jupiter urges you to grow, expand, take risks, and seek meaning. His transits through the twelve signs of the zodiac prescribe the avenues through which all of us, simultaneously, seek to expand our horizons. The extent to which this affects you directly will depend on planets you may have in that sign, and the house through which Jupiter is transiting (see  an exploration of the transiting planets in the houses of the horoscope).
Biggest rewards: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus 
Pressure to take risks: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces 
Significant opportunities: Cancer, Scorpio 

Jupiter in Virgo (2000-2050): Aug. 27, 2003- Sept 24, 2004; Aug. 11, 2015-Sept. 9,2016; July 25, 2027-Aug. 23, 2028; Nov. 16, 2038-Jan. 16, 2039; July 7-Dec. 12, 2039; Feb. 19-Aug. 5, 2040; Oct. 18, 2050-Feb. 26, 2051