Astrological Transit of JUPITER in LEO sign

 Like a good yoga teacher, Jupiter pushes you to expand your reach, to do more than you thought you could, to trust. 

This year s yoga lesson is about opening up your creative Leo side. Adulthood often means preoccupation with serious concerns such as making a living, and its easy to overlook the value of having fun and being yourself. 

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It's also risky to put your heart on display and chance rejection. But turning your back on your playful side is much more precarious than the possibility of being rebuffed, ignored, or ridiculed, because once you stop engaging creatively, you're near enough to dead. 

While Jupiter is in Leo, dust off your dancing shoes, tune your guitar, unearth those acrylics from the closet, and tell us your story. Engage in artistic expression, and share it with some-one you trust—or maybe even people you don't know. 

Don't be bashful; not everyone will love your efforts, but I've always found that as long as you communicate truthfully and from the heart, you will eventually find your audience. Look your best, be yourself, do your very best work, and take a bow. As you open your arms and lift your head high, I'll bet you'll hear a round of applause. 

Biggest rewards: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries 

Pressure to take risks: Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius 

Significant opportunities: Gemini, Libra 

Jupiter in Leo (2000-2050): Aug. 1, 2002-Aug. 27, 2003; July 16, 2014-Aug. 11, 2015; June 29, 2026-July 25, 2027; June 12-Nov. 16, 2038; Jan. 16-July 7, 2039; Sept 27, 2049-Jan. 13, 2050; May 22-Oct 18, 2050