Transiting NORTH NODE in 7TH HOUSE of Relationship

While the North Node is transiting your 7th House, the South Node will be transiting your 1st House

You may be tempted to play the lone wolf, remaining alone rather than meeting others halfway. But there is another road available, one that leads to life-changing relation. ships, provided you have a strong enough sense of your own identity that you know how much you can afford to bend for others. 

 Are your relationships fair and equal, or have you been doing more than your share of the heavy lifting? While the North Node transits your seventh house, and particularly when eclipses occur in this house, you'll increasingly feel that you can't continue with any relation. ship that doesn't honor both individuals equally. 

Relationships often end during this transit, and ones that don't will need some fine-tune ins to get the scales in balance. This is a time to focus on your relationships and partnerships. This is a chance to learn and grow through your interactions with others. You may be drawn to new and different types of people, and you may find yourself in relationships that challenge you in new ways. This is a time to let go of old patterns and ways of relating, and to embrace new possibilities.
If you are single, 
North Node is transiting your 7th House 
Can be a time to meet new people and start new relationships. If you are in a relationship, this transit can be a time to deepen your commitment and intimacy. No matter your relationship status, the transiting North Node in the 7th house is a time to focus on your relationships and to learn and grow through them.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about the transiting North Node in the 7th house: 

  • The North Node is considered to be a karmic point, so this transit may bring up issues from your past that need to be resolved. 
  • The 7th house is also associated with marriage and long-term partnerships, so this transit can be a time to get married or to deepen an existing relationship. 
  • However, the North Node is not always about getting what you want. Sometimes, it is about learning to let go of things that are no longer serving you.
It's important to remember that the effects of transits can be influenced by other aspects in your birth chart and your personal experiences. The specifics of how this transit will manifest in your life will depend on the individual details of your birth chart.


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