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Transiting CHIRON Sextile Natal MARS

Transit to Natal of CHIRON 

In Sextile aspect

To Mars

Opportunities arise for you to follow your heart's ambition, as long as you are pursuing your true purpose and not an ego-centred whim. 

Bridges that may have been burnt in the past can now be mended, paving the way for more meaningful activities. You have the chance to move forward in physical activities and to grow emotionally. Also read your Monthly Horoscope According to Changing of Zodiac Season

Transiting CHIRON Trine and Quincunx Natal NEPTUNE

  • Opportunities abound for you to explore the spiritual and intuitive side of your nature During this Trine Aspect to Neptune. Learn more...

Transiting PLUTO Aspect in Natal CHIRON

  • IN TRINE OR SEXTILE - The potential for healing problems from your past is strong during this period...
  • SQUARE OR SEMISQUARE - Something or someone is causing you pain and you are not sure how to best deal with the problem...
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Astrosignature for This Month of TAURUS SEASON 2023

The SUN in TAURUS A.K.A Taurus Season April 20 to May 20 Your Monthly Horoscope According to Changing of Zodiac Season. For This Solar Month of TAURUS SEASON    • use prayer as a nonreligious utility 

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