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What is Written in the Star for This Month of AQUARIUS Season 2023

 Aqiarius Season - January 21 to February 19

Important Days 
• new moon in Aquarius 
• full moon of Aquarius
• the Chinese New Year 
• Valentine’s Day

Gifts of Aquarius Season  
• spontaneous 
• out-of-the-box thinking 
• innovative 
• intelligent 
• social 
• networking 
• forward thinking 
• humanitarian 
• evolved 
• celebratory 
• influential

One of the secret names of the AQUARIUS SEASON is ''fishhook''

You, too, can tap into the pool of the collective unconscious for information and inspiration within the month of Aquarius SeasonLearn More...

The Secret Symbol for AQUARIUS SEASON 2023

There are five streams of water... Learn more...

The month of Aquarius Season asks us to purify and protect our growth we made during Capricorn Season, as it is guaranteed that Capricorn identity patterns will try to reinstate. 

Aquarius gives us the power to discard these patterns and throw them right back into the collective unconscious.


Astrosignature for This Month of TAURUS SEASON 2023

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