Current Position of the STAR for this Month of August 2022


• Aug 12 2022 (Full Moon in Aquarius): This is the biblical Valentine's Day, a day of friendship and love. 

• Aug 14 2022 (Sun opposite Saturn): Good father versus bad father. You might be caught between an understanding boss and a less benevolent one. Issues with discipline and self-expression. 

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Aug 16 2022 (Mercury trine Uranus): Brilliant ideas, scientific discoveries, and good flow with friends. 

Aug 20, 2022-Mar 24, 2023 (Mars transits into Gemini): In the Tarot cards, this aspect is signified by the Nine of Swords and called Cruelty. Be careful of straying thoughts and intellectual battles. Your words can move mountains but also start great wars. 

Aug 24, 2022-Jan 24, 2023 (Uranus goes retrograde): Restlessness, rebels without a cause, friends from the past resurface. 

Aug 26 2022 (Mercury enters Libra): Balance is returning. There is a strong sense of justice and harmonious communication. A good time for compromise, peace negotiation, and finding common ground. 

Aug 27 2022 (New Moon in Virgo): A great time to start a new diet, detox, cleanse your body or start a new routine that can lead to better health. A new beginning for work as well as acts of service. 

Aug 28 2022 (Venus opposite Saturn): Challenging relationships especially with older people or superiors and bosses. 


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