BIRTH TIME RECTIFICATION: Using Astrolocality/Astrocartography Treasure Map

 Sounds strange?.
In fact this is the Most Accurate method of Rectification Compare to the other Popular method like timing of Event in secondary progression. etc..

This is Because  The Areas of intensity on your Astrolocality or Astrocartography  are very sensitive to accuracy of birth time. On average, a difference of 1 minute in the time of birth can move the astrological influence about 15 miles in an east-west direction. 

Because it is very possible that your birth time can be inaccurate by a few minutes, you may find that the Vocation and Career Map can pinpoint the towns and cities that are most suitable for you, but you must rely on your own intuition to guide you to the most suitable areas within that town.

Areas on the map that are tinted with a red color are the best areas for attracting good business situations. Yellow areas are also good, but not as powerful as the red areas. The orange-colored areas fall in between the red and yellow areas in intensity. A geographic area varies from light yellow (slight vocation and career emphasis) to deep red (strongest vocation and career emphasis).

For Example, When Studying Vocation and Career Astro Treasure Map. suppose that you have just finished school and are entering the job market, or you are changing careers. If you live in a town that has a high demand for the kind of work that you want to do, and there are not enough qualified people to perform this service, then it is very likely that you will find suitable employment even if the Career and Vocation Map has no yellow or red coloration in this geographic area.

 Also, if you have a positive attitude, the necessary skills, and are motivated and capable, then these traits will assist you tremendously in finding a worthwhile vocation regardless of whether the area is astrologically the most suitable for you.

However, some people are surprised to find a perfect vocational situation in a particular area, or, at the other extreme, to have difficulty in a geographic area where there are lots of opportunites. The Career and Vocation Map can help you identify those areas that are either favorable or unfavorable for unknown reasons. Astrology often explains what otherwise is difficult to understand.

The Vocation and Career Astro Treasure Map shows geographic areas where you are more likely to attract good employment and business opportunities into your life. Now, for example, in your current job, it seems like you feel lucky in that place. There is a possibility that you didn't work there based on the indications on the map, but that place is still significant in your life.  We can use that as a basis for adjusting your birth time.

Please remember for a moment., The Areas of intensity on your Astrolocality are very sensitive to accuracy of birth time. On average, a difference of 1 minute in the time of birth can move the astrological influence about 15 miles in an east-west direction. 

You can also use your current residence as a basis, and many other factors as well, such as the following.


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