What Aries Needs to Know about Taurus Love

The harder you push, the thicker the wall! You love challenges, but when its to push your Taurus more quickly than they're ready to be moved, you've met your match. Don't see the resistance as defiance or you'll just keep running into the same roadblock again and again. Make your request, state your desire, and then remove your attention and let it all process through their slow but sure way of making decisions. 

What Taurus Needs to Know about Aries 

Aries aren't trying to control you—well, actually ... yes, they are. But you need to understand that its not so they can be in charge. They want you to move as fast as they do, but you can't—nor should you even try. The problem here is that if you fee/ that they're trying to exert dominance over you, then you'll never budge. Eventually, you'll only react if you feel they no longer have a vested interest in your action. Lighten up and understand that Aries have a buzz inside of them that makes it hard for them to relax. 


Since Taurus is the sign after Aries, the Bulls have a head start in understanding some of their quirks ... but it doesn't make them 100 percent accepting of them. Because these signs are so vastly different, each is required to put away the old ideas of what makes things work and be open to different ways of relating. A LoveScope of 6.7 is a great foundation, and suggests that the strength of this relationship is more than two-thirds of the way to a perfect 10. Now you just have to use the last one-third wisely.

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