TAURUS Horoscope for This Month of MAY 2022

A lot of cosmic changes are happening this month for TAURUS. The chess pieces of the Cosmos are being re-arranged. Retrograde activity in-creases this month. We begin the month with only 10 percent of the planets retrograde but we end it with 30 percent of them moving backwards. Life doesn't stop - it never does -but it slows down a bit. Jupiter's major move into Pisces on the 14th will improve health and energy. 

It is a wonderful transit for students at college level (or those applying to colleges): best-case scenarios are happening. Legal issues (if you're involved in such things) are also favourable now. And, finally there is a lunar eclipse on the 16th of May 2022. Every lunar eclipse has a strong effect on you as the Moon, the eclipsed planet, rules your Horoscope. So, there is a need to redefine your-self, to upgrade your self-concept and image of yourself. 

The Moon is strongest in the earth, female, fixed sign of Taurus and the water, female, cardinal sign of Cancer. She is also very potent in Pisces. She is weakest in all the male signs, especially in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. She does not do well in Capricorn, and is really tested in Scorpio. The Moon can also be quite happy in Virgo and Libra, but only if the work area pro-vides economic security and emotional satisfaction in the case of the former and when relationship dynamics are fulfilling in the case of the latter. The Moon is at her most potent when in the Second and Fourth houses, weakest in the First and Tenth, neutral to strong when placed in the Fifth, Seventh, Ninth, and Eleventh, and neutral to weak in the Third and Sixth. 

This is basically a healthy thing. You get to do this twice a year. Sometimes detoxes of the body happen - especially if you haven't been careful in dietary matters. This eclipse occurs in your 6th house and affects the ruler of the 6th house, Jupiter. Thus, there can be job changes, either with your present company or with a new one. There are disturbances at the workplace. If you employ others there can be high staff turnover and dramas in the lives of employees. In the coming months there will be dramatic changes to your health regime. 

Children and children figures in your life are forced to make important financial changes. Parents and parent figures should drive more defensively. Love is more complicated this month. First, your love planet Saturn starts to retrograde By the end of this month of May. Additionally, he receives stressful aspects until the June 4. You have to work harder on your current relationship. Singles are having challenges in romance. Love improves somewhat after the June 2022, but the love planet is going backwards, so be patient in love. Don't take setbacks too seriously. Avoid making important love decisions for the next few months. Use the retrograde period to gain clarity in love - to define what you want - to see what improvements can be made. 

Then, when Saturn starts moving forward again, you can put your plans into action. Finances are status quo next month . This is most likely a good thing. You are content with things as they are and have no need to pay too much attention here. 

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