TAURUS Horoscope for This Month of JUNE 2022

On one level the month ahead of June 2022 for Taurus is very eventful. 

Two eclipses show change and disruption. On another level the month ahead is non-eventful as retrograde activity reaches its peak for the year. (It will reach the same peak again in September.) Overall, changes and disruptions are likely but with a delayed reaction. 

  • You're going to be brave now TAURUS. You  will be surprised by yourself, but most of all, the eyes of those who think you don't have the courage. This is the message for you.
  • Wait for the cold breeze to touch your cheek. It says the lucky days have come. This is the message for you.
  • You act as if you've got what you want. Soon you'll have them. Don't doubt your ability, especially at this time, Your Luck Comes to you naturally
  • Face with love of heart those who envy you. They're going to be very bad with you and they're like a magnet that's going to get you closer.
  • Don't trick yourself, so listen to the old advice not to count the chick until the egg comes out. This is the message for you now.

The lunar eclipse of the 10th of June 2022, the second of four that we will have, occurs in your 8th house and causes important financial changes for the spouse, partner or current love. 

It can bring encounters - generally psychological-type encounters - with death. Sometimes there are near-death kinds of experiences; sometimes there are deaths of people you know; sometimes there are dreams of death. The cosmos is urging you to confront death and get a better understanding of it. Some-times surgery is recommended-but you seem healthy and you should get a second opinion. 

Siblings and sibling figures are impacted here. They can have health scares or changes in their employment. There can be dramas in the lives of neighbours too. Cars and communication equipment get tested and might need repair or replacement. It would be wise to drive more carefully, more defensively. 

This eclipse is powerful because it has an impact on other planets in your chart - Mars and Venus.

  • Venus rules love, beauty, receptivity, and attractiveness while Mars rules sex, action, and assertiveness. In the best of relationships, the inward receptivity associated with Venus is compatible with the out-ward assertiveness associated with Mars... Learn more about Mars-Venus aspect in your yearly horoscope...

 The effect on Venus can bring a redefinition of your self, your self-concept and the overall presentation that you make to others. This will go on for a few months. You'll dress differently, and probably change your hairstyle and your overall image. It can bring health scares (probably no more than scares) and upheavals at work or dramas in the lives of co-workers or employees. The impact of the eclipse on Mars indicates changes in your spiritual life - in your attitudes, practice, teachings and teachers. There are shakeups in spiritual or charitable organizations that you're involved with and dramas in the lives of gurus or spiritual guides. Take it nice and easy this eclipse period. Avoid stressful activities -there's no need to tempt the fates. 

The solar eclipse of the 21st occurs in your 3rd house and thus again affects siblings and sibling figures. It brings important financial changes and a need to redefine themselves - their image and presentation to the world. This can be the case with neighbours too. Students below college level are affected by both eclipses, and there are probably changes in educational plans or disruptions at school. Again, cars and communication equipment get tested, and it will be a good idea to drive care-fully over this period. 

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