Programming The Solar Month of LIBRA season 2022

A Zodiac Season to Season Guide to Making the Most of Your Year, Every Year.

Programming the Season of LIBRA 2022 

Sep 22 2022 You are diplomatic, and have a strong need for peace and harmony. Beauty is important to you, and you could be vain.

When we judge the world and seek justice for wrongdoings, we attract judgment into our own lives. On this Season of Libra, we refrain from finding faults in others and accept that there is a measurement of balance beyond our comprehension.    Learn More..

When astrologers say, “Aries is the first sign of the zodiac,” the question immediately arises, In a circular structure, how can there be a first anything? In the same way, why do we say that spring is the first season of the year? The seasons are also circular, so how can there be the first of anything that is circular? Well, there isn’t, but we generally like to call spring the first because it’s immediately after the dead of winter.

  • If you're like many people, you welcome each new calendar year with resolutions, planners, and a big-picture time line for what you'd like to accomplish in the year ahead. If you'd like a little help from astrology, here are the most relevant cycles to keep in mind. The year itself is based on the Sun's complete journey through the zodiac...  Learn More..


Programming the Season of SCORPIO 2022 

When we are doing well and are successful with our spiritual growth, our subconscious mind and ego program will cause us to do stupid things in an attempt to distract us from our work and possibly even destroy what we have achieved. Many of these situations go undetected, usually because we call them human error! But it is necessary to identify these situations because it is only by getting through them without failing that we are able to seal and protect the changes we have made. Only then can we actually transform. This Season of Scorpio asks us to be extra mindful of our actions and to restrict our ego rather than react to others.   Learn More..

Programming the Season of SAGITTARIUS 2022

 Every new insight we gain creates a new reality. The goal is to shift into a reality that is fortunate and joyous. We may even call these shifts “miracles,” and Sagittarius gives us the ability to access miracles so we can live in a reality we love. Today, think about what you have learned, and let knowledge open new worlds for you.   Learn More..

Programming the Season of CAPRICON 2022

In order to maintain a degree of perceived control over our lives, we try to control others and fit them into our comfort zones. This is how we make deals with the devil, and that not only makes us subject to the laws of time, space, motion, stars, and fate, but this is also how we age. Then we are no longer in the world, as if we were a traveler in a foreign country, but start to be of the world, which would be akin to giving up our traveler status and taking citizenship, which will always chain us to our fears, rejections, and attachments. On this Season of Capricorn, let go of trying to control things and allow yourself to be self-responsible.   Learn More..

Programming the Season of AQUARIUS 2022

 Aquarius shows us where we stand among the masses and the groups of people we interact with. It urges us to help these people and grants us the ideas we need to do so. The downside is that in the Aquarius energy, we can mistake these ideas for our own—meaning, under the influence of Aquarius, we try to stamp our name on our good ideas, or we push our ideas onto others because they are “ours.” Today, on this Season of Aquarius, allow great ideas to be for the benefit of others. We can do this by replacing self-praise with connecting and contributing.   Learn More..

Programming the Season of PISCES 2022 

What Pisces wants to show us is where we are limited in our evolution—where we have stopped and why we keep stopping. Pisces wants to help us transcend the tricks of our ego and move us beyond the limitations of our existence. This ability is a natural element within each and every one of us, as everything on this planet has Pisces somewhere in its birth chart. On this Season of Pisces, we keep enduring in our spiritual work as we continue to bring everything we experience onto the spiritual path.   Learn More..

Programming the Season of ARIES 2022 

In order to see a whole picture, we need to have the pieces of the puzzle organized. Otherwise, the picture will be incomplete, leaving space open for doubt, uncertainty, and self-righteousness. The consciousness to have today for the Season of Aries is to organize those pieces so that we can structure a bigger picture.   Learn More..

Programming the Season of TAURUS 2022 

Today, the consciousness is to bring beauty. We do this by accessing the spiritual within the physical. The material and our possessions, such as money and furniture, should also serve a higher purpose. The energy within inanimate objects also contains light that is valuable far beyond what the five senses can perceive. 
So, today, for the month of Taurus, we use our material experiences to serve our spiritual purpose. We enjoy good music and food but don’t forget the spiritual aspect of them that connects us to the higher worlds, the true source of satisfaction; otherwise, we are indulgent and hedonistic. Learn More..

Programming the Season of GEMINI 2022

 Our choices open playing fields for our fate or merit to play out. This is why we will always get what’s due to us—the good, the bad, and the ugly. By increasing our awareness, we can have an idea of what to anticipate and how we can recognize blessings even when they are in disguise. The Season of Gemini, as we plant the seed of Gemini, make a choice and know it contributes to your path, no matter what that path seems like.  Learn More..

Programming the Season of CANCER 2022 

On our spiritual path, we use many tools to heighten our vibration and build our energy: we meditate, we pray, we study, we read, we share, we help others, we go on pilgrimage, we do exercises, we read Zodiac Hacks, we use incense and healing oils, we see therapists, we attend workshops and classes, we get crystals, we eat unprocessed food, we bless water, we donate, we make offerings, we answer questions, we confront fate, we dream—we do a lot, and this is great! But! As soon as we get angry, all the effects of our work vanish. in the Season of Cancer, plant the seed to eliminate anger from your menu of reactive behaviors so that you can be the chariot of your essential self.   Learn More..

Programming the Season of LEO 2022 

 Leo is a time to refine ego and to train the inner lion. As degraded as our body is, we need to use our body/ego in this world to reveal light. Without a body, we are only a spirit, and without a body, the spirit cannot act. In this month, we need to be in our body, but we need to train the body to not be in charge. We do this by activating the essential self, who will teach our body how to be generous with others and how to share the love (which Leo just loves to do). 

We need to learn how to love sharing with others, not because we want to look good but because it makes us happy. in the Season of Aries, we can plant seeds of consciousness to overcome the body’s limitations so that we can achieve creativity.   Learn More..

Programming the VIRGO Season August 24 - Sept 22 2022

Service is the highest duty of all. On this day of  Virgo Season, we can adopt the consciousness of service to the highest good of all life in all its expressions. We can set the ego aside and serve others, even if we think they don’t deserve it. This Month we are to review where our services are rendered, where they are needed, and what are we serving. Contemplating these aspects will pave the way for a successful month.  Learn More..