Astrological Transit of JUPITER in CAPRICORN sign

Jupiter is not at his best in Capricorn. 

His naturally exuberant, expansive nature feels confined and oppressed in serious Capricorn. But that doesn't have to mean it won't be a good year. In fact, it can be a fantastic year... for Capricorn things. Things such as business, maturity, organization, and long-range planning. 

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If you are considering opening or expanding your own business, for instance, Jupiter in Capricorn is just the investor you need. If you are becoming a parent for the first time, Jupiter can give you the confidence (and fantastic shower gifts) to get you started. 

If on the other hand you spend this year spinning your wheels, wasting your time, and hanging around waiting for everyone else to do the heavy lifting, Jupiter in Capricorn can make things very uncomfortable for you, even humiliating. So balance your checkbook, stand up straight, and make every effort to improve your situation! 

Jupiter urges you to grow, expand, take risks, and seek meaning. His transits through the twelve signs of the zodiac prescribe the avenues through which all of us, simultaneously, seek to expand our horizons. The extent to which this affects you directly will depend on planets you may have in that sign, and the house through which Jupiter is transiting (see  an exploration of the transiting planets in the houses of the horoscope).

Biggest rewards: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo 

Pressure to take risks: Aries, Cancer, Libra 

Significant opportunities: Scorpio, Pisces 

Jupiter in Capricorn (2000-2050): Dec. 18, 2007-Jan. 5, 2009; Dec. 2, 2019-Dec. 19, 2020; Nov. 15, 2031-Apr. 11, 2032; June 26-Nov. 29, 2032; Mar. 1-June 9, 2043; Oct. 26, 2043-Mar. 14, 2044; Aug. 9-Nov. 4, 2044