ASTROSIGNATURE for your Personal Horoscope in Romance and Sexuality


June 2021 to July 2022 Romance and Sexuality

On some Month  there is no pick in graph; it is just white. This means that there is nothing notable about your Romance.

 It does not mean that there will not be any Romance, this day throughout the entire world nor does it mean that a person born on this day will be devoid of  Romance and Sexuality.

It simply means that this is likely to be an average day, one that is not noteworthy in regards to your Romance and Sexuality.

  • On days of the month when the Green color appears point 0, Romance and Sexuality,   is a little better than usual. 
  • On days of the month when the Green color appears 1 point, Romance and Sexuality, is highlighted; People are in a rather wild and unrestrained mood as well. 
  • On a day of the Month when a green color is shown point 2 in above for  Emotional Sensitivity, it is likely that there will be some extraordinarily Romance.
If you are seeking romance in your life, there is a good chance you will find it on days when "Romance and Sexuality" is highlighted. If you are married or deeply involved with someone, you can have lots of fun together and spark some new excitement in your relationship. If "Emotional Sensitivity" or "Visionary, Inspired" is also high, then a dreamy, romantic quality will flavor this time.