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 For example,  

one individual started his own business with Mars in the 1st house conjunct Saturn. He was able to channel his physical energy and organizational ability into a productive accomplishment which required many hours on the job. By the end of the year, he was totally self-sufficient and able to enjoy a very independent lifestyle. Before quitting his former job, he was very angry and frustrated, but the positive use of his job dissatisfaction led to the new career. 

It is true that the seeds sown this year tend to reflect self-interest, 

but the goal may not be selfish at all. The intent is to apply energy toward self-actualization, and in doing so, the ego is able to foster new projects and develop strengths which were previously unrealized. 

You should feel good about personal application and hard work as long as you don’t overtax yourself and your energy is not drained away by conflict, or by too many diverse interests. Aspects to Mars in the 1st house correlate to interactions and interchanges with various people and situations. Oppositions can indicate power struggles within yourself (yet involving others), as you try to balance your needs with the needs of others. If not understood, these struggles weaken and restrict personal energy. Balance is required. Square aspects can indicate activities which scatter your attention in different directions. Despite your high level of energy, you can attempt to do too many things at one time. 

If  Mars in the 1st house is squared by Saturn in the 10th house, you might feel pulled between your desire to fulfill personal needs, and your need to meet job responsibilities. Time is limited and handling both activities adequately will be difficult. The conflicts you experience with others naturally push you toward functioning on your own (which may be the ultimate goal of this placement), but it is to your advantage to balance all the needs in your life. Failure to recognize personal needs while overemphasizing the needs of others can lead to much anger. Selfish preoccupation can lead to conflict. 

Anger in any form is certainly an issue during the year. This is not the time for passivity, and you should be more vocal about what you want. If you feel compelled to defend your rights, you can do this without alienating others. Persistent anger is a negative manifestation and a misuse of energy. You can become your own worst enemy by either abusing others (in the name of anger and self-defense), or allowing yourself to be exploited (self-destruction). In either case, anger drains away your stamina and prevents you from being more productive. It undermines your ability to accomplish. Although your anger is aroused more quickly this year, it is important to handle conflicts effectively. Use assertiveness to take corrective action and then channel your energy in more positive ways.


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