Transiting PLUTO in AQUARIUS through the 1ST HOUSE of Self

 Transits of outer planets like Pluto can have a significant impact on various areas of your life, including your personality, self-expression, and life circumstances. 
When Pluto transits your 1st house in Aquarius
It signifies a period of profound transformation and self-discovery. It is a time of major change and transformation. It is a time to let go of the old and embrace the new. It is a time to reclaim your personal power and step into your true self. Here are more info about Transit of Pluto in 1st House...

Aquarius is a sign 
Known for its humanitarian and innovative qualities. During this transit, you might find yourself drawn to causes that are important to you and become more focused on making a positive impact in your community or even on a larger scale. This could lead to a greater sense of empowerment and a desire to contribute to positive change. Here are more info about Transit of Pluto in Aquarius...

Here are some specific things you may experience during Transiting PLUTO in AQUARIUS through the 1ST HOUSE: ( 👉 in 2nd house )
  • Deep emotional and psychological transformation .
  • Major changes in your appearance, style, or personality.
  • Increased self-awareness and self-confidence .
  • A stronger sense of purpose and direction in life 
  • The need to let go of old relationships, habits, or beliefs. 
  • The emergence of your hidden potential.
  • Challenges to your personal power.
Remember that the effects of planetary transits can vary based on individual birth charts, the specific positions of Pluto and other planets during the transit, and other astrological factors. For a more accurate and personalized interpretation, it's best to consult with  who can analyze your birth chart and provide specific insights.


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