The Flirting Zodiac Chart

 This Flirting Chart gives you a semi-comprehensive compatibility analysis for each sign as well as for the union itself. Let’s say you’re an Aries dating a Cancer, or a Taurus dating a Leo. The Flirting chart give you with all the pertinent facts you’ll need for an immediate evaluation base on people Reaction in Reddit. According to thier own observation of their own Zodiac Sign 

Why Love?

It might be easier not to figure this love stuff out, but rather just sit at home and watch Buffy reruns. However, since true happiness can only be gained by a complete acceptance of who we are, and since that can only be realized by acknowledging and reclaiming the pieces of ourselves that we project onto other people, we would be doing ourselves a huge injustice not to allow ourselves the gift of relationships. And no amount of unrequited-love TV can serve as a replacement. The only way to really figure all this out is to dive in and follow your heart. It will help unfold the road map to that deep internal place where your most intense emotions dwell. I call that map your LoveScope.



In thier own Zodic Sign