Your Most Luckiest day for this Month of MAY 2022

The Most Luckiest day for this Month of May 2022  is written in the star to apply for General trend prediction,

There are 2 main reasons why astrologers use this: to see general trends and to pick dates. Picking dates is known by astrologers as "electional astrology" to determine the best date to begin a project. If you want to know when to expect the major transition periods of your life, consider the cycle of the transiting outer planets learn more here..

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Important day to Notice this Month of MAY 2022

April 27 2022 (Venus, Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune conjunct in Pisces): This is a wonderful treat. It can make magic happen in relationships and artistic endeavors. Your dreams are very powerful and prophetic. Avoid encounters with addictive personalities and make sure you enforce boundaries with lovers. Be careful of deception in partnerships. 

April 29 2022 (Mercury enters Gemini): This is a far better placement for the messenger of the gods and goddesses. Mercury moves things along faster now: messages, ideas, 
communication, innovation, clever ideas, connections, contracts, relationships with siblings and relatives and your business could all benefit from this transit. 

April 29-Oct 9 2022 (Pluto retrograde): Be a little more cautious with investments, extra-marital affairs, and secrets that could be revealed. 

April 30 2022 (New Moon in Taurus): This is an exalted New Moon. It signifies a great deal of success, expression through art and design, connection to Mother Nature, and a boost in your income. In addition, it is a partial solar eclipse suggesting that things are getting a push forward in your life, for good and bad. 

April 30 2022 (Venus and Jupiter conjunct): This is called the aspect of luck! Go hunt synchronicities. 

May 3 2022 (Venus enters Aries): Venus is not comfortable in Aries and tends to be aggressive and impatient. Be careful of impulsive financial decisions and try not to be reactive in your relationships. 

May 5 2022 (Sun conjunct Uranus): We are all fools today. We show good humor, original self-expression, and unique attitudes. A good day to take a leap of faith into something new and exciting. 

May 10 and 11 2022 (Mercury stationary in Taurus): There is lots of preoccupation and unnecessary worry during this time. Not the best time for new beginnings or finances. 

May 10-Oct 27 2022 (Jupiter enters Aries): This transit is great for exploring new frontiers in your life; it favors the bold and courageous. A new sense of direction, feeling your identity being consolidated and rewarded. 

May 11-June 3 2022 (Mercury retrograde): Avoid signing documents or starting new projects. • May 13 (Sun conjunct the North Node): Gifts from past lives are received. You may encounter someone you might have known 
in a previous life. You find a new talent you could excel in or a new mission in life. 

May 15 2022 (Venus conjunct Chiron): Old wounds from past relationships are resurfacing and can be healed. • May 16 (Full Moon in Scorpio): This is the most intense full moon of the year, the Moon of Enlightenment. It was on this full moon that Siddhartha became the Buddha. In addition, it is a total lunar eclipse. Transformation, magic, investigation, the occult, witches, and warlocks are all around. 

May 21 2022 (Sun conjunct Mercury): You will be surrounded and inundated with new ideas, flowing communication, and profitable sales. An interesting story will unfold. Great for PR, marketing and business. 

May 25 2022 (Mars enters Aries): A call for action, full-steam energy propels your projects. Passion, leadership opportunities, and the ability to make progress are signified. Be mindful of not being overly aggressive or enthusiastic. Be careful of unilateral wars, conflicts, or campaigns. 

May 28 2022 (Venus enters Taurus, her sign): Luxury, an improved financial situation, artistic expression, comfort, and security can all be experienced today. 

May 29 2022 (Mars and Jupiter conjunct): This is a 'nuclear reaction' aspect that is great for removing obstacles and conquering new grounds. You can experience good luck and expansion if you take action and push things forward. Promotion, leadership, and initiation are all highlighted. 

May 30 2022 (New Moon in Gemini): It is a great time to retry something you failed at in the past (since Mercury is retrograde) or resume a project you have previously abandoned. 


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