VIRGO Monthly Astrological Review


  • Love Planet -Neptune 
  • Money Planet - Venus 
  • Planet of  Home and Family Life - Jupiter 
  • Planet of  Health and Work - Uranus 
  • Planet of  Pleasure - Saturn 
  • Planet of Sexuality - Mars 


  • Colours - earth tones, ochre, orange, yellow 
  • Colour that promotes love, romance and social harmony - aqua blue 
  • Colour that promotes earning power-jade green 
  • Gems- agate, hyacinth 
  • Metal- quicksilver 
  • Scents- lavender, lilac, lily of the valley, storax  


  • Quality - mutable ( flexibility) 
  • Quality most needed for balance- a broader perspective 
  • Strongest virtues - mental agility, analytical skills, ability to pay attention to detail, healing powers 
  • Deepest needs - to be useful and productive 
  • Characteristic to avoid- destructive criticism 

  • Signs of greatest overall compatibility- Taurus, Capricorn
  • Signs of greatest overall incompatibility- Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces 
  • Sign most helpful roamer- Gemini 
  • Sign most helpful for emotional support -Sagittarius 
  • Sign most helpful financially- Libra 
  • Sign best for marriage and/or partnerships- Pisces 
  • Sign most helpful for creative projects- Capricorn 
  • Best Sign to have fun with- Capricorn 
  • Signs most helpful in spiritual matters - Taurus, Leo Best day of the week - Wednesday 

Best day of the week - Tuesday 


  Dear Virgo,  may the star be with your phone, view your horoscope in calendar format, and receive notification directly in Google calendar So you still connected to the universe,  its free, Here how.. 

The 8th house, which is strong in your Horoscope this month of April 2021, is a mysterious house. Read more VIRGO April 2021 Monthly Astrological review

It deals with things that are hid-den and which most people prefer to be hidden. It deals with sex, death and near-death kinds of experience, surgery and the like. 

But on a deeper level it deals with transformation and reinvention. It's about giving birth to the ideal self. New birth tends to be messy. The old person, the old you, has to die to allow the new birth to happen.

And since the Planet Mercury is the ruler of your horoscope, here are the Daily Astrological transit of Mercury aspecting to Moon. 

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When the 8th house is strong we grow by 'cutting back'. So this is an excellent month to declutter the life on all levels -not just physical possessions or finances but a mental and emotional decluttering as well. When old habits, mental and emotional patterns are let go, we find a whole new energy enter us. 

As the Sun enters your 9th house on the 20th of April 2021. This is a happier time - less grim, less stem. There will be happy travel and educational opportunities. There are good job opportunities from the 22nd to the 25th. Mars leaves your 10th house on the 24th. Health will improve after that point. (It is good before then but gets even bet-ter.) The Sun travelling with Uranus on the 29th and 30th is an excellent period for spiritual healing

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