Every zodiac sign has a corresponding tarot card and for Taurus here the card for you.

  as we step into the sign of Taurus, we feel the energy begin to shift. And it’s a really nice shift at that!

For all its lavish pampering and indulging in the “finer things” of life, Taurus is a practical, down to earth kind of sign that is a master at dishing out self-love! And who among us couldn’t use a little more of that?!

Taurus calls us to value who we are - not down the road, but here, in this moment - and we are encouraged to spend the time and energy we need to feel good about the life we’re living.

Now, there are a number of ways you could navigate this energy, but I’m going to recommend a very specific resource for you today. 

See, you might not know this, but every zodiac sign has a corresponding tarot card and for Taurus, that card is the Hierophant. 

On the surface, this isn’t surprising, since the Hierophant mirrors many of Taurus’ qualities. Reliable and trustworthy, a mentor ready to guide and leading with incredible integrity and patience. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see the key to navigating this new Taurus energy.

The Hierophant is the spiritual center of the Tarot. Like Taurus, he is grounded and detached from physical outcomes, yet fully present in his position as a teacher. The Hierophant is ready to impart his wisdom, and he represents all the foundational aspects of our spiritual journey.

This is the energy of Taurus and with the Hierophant as our guide, we quickly realize it's time to let go of expectations and instead, simply enjoy the moment. Appreciate the beauty, indulge in the luxury, and then release the moment when the next one comes.

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