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 It makes a difference whether you choose to learn through lessons of love or hate. Certainly the information gleaned will be different; however, the compulsion to see remains the same. Those who choose to see through love excel despite de-spair, while those who choose to hate will despair despite their ability to excel. The issue of power is innate to this placement and cannot be taken lightly. One must acquire and maintain personal and relationship power through new insight and understanding. Power may be acquired through love as easily as through hate; the choice is yours, but generally, those who seek to love, gain power over self, while those who hate, (control), seek to gain power over others. 

Nonintimate relationships consist of everyday acquaintances and business partnerships. 

At this level, almost anyone can trigger the need to face the issue of power as it flows through relation-ships. Conflicts are either specific or diffuse; one person, in particular, may become the trigger to powerlessness, or a power deficit may exist in all relationships in general. For example, you may be locked into a business partnership in which each individual is trying to meet certain goals and needs. This type of struggle relates to a specific area of your life, and the intensity is mostly restricted to that area, though insight and tension may affect interactions with other people. 

Generalized power struggles are caused by an inability to actualize personal power in any relationship. In this case, we are not dealing with one particular situation, but with a diffuse problem which encompasses all interactions. 

The inability to be assertive is the most common manifestation of this nature. Both types of struggles, whether specific or generalized, cause external confronta-tions which force the individual to look at the unconscious need to maintain power while inter-acting. This need can be met through an increased understanding of the mechanisms which govern the power flow. 

Psychological issues are crucial with this Pluto placement.

 It is at the nonintimate level that one first begins to understand how psychological motivations and fears affect the way one communicates and relates. Blatant manipulation can be the pri-mary form of expression, in which we much of the struggle will be nonverbal in nature. You may be the instigator or you may be the victim; it makes no difference since each position correlates with psychological complexes you must understand and conquer. There is never ,the one-sided attack; all struggles represent a mutual process whereby the aggressor either knowingly or unconsciously triggers reactions in another. In the most negative manifestation, power struggles are difficult hate battles that last most of the year. Legal confronta-tions are possible. Enemies can arise, and some attacks seem unwarranted. But those who master the psychological influences create new patterns of relating which represent power delicately balanced. Old partnerships, regenerated, become cooper-ative. Even those with generalized assertiveness problems can learn to express personal needs to others. 

Intimate personal or family relationships lead the individual to make further distinctions in the understanding of psychological influences as they affect relating.

 External conflicts may be very ap-parent, (similar to the nonintimate level), but it is only in intimate relationships that daily exchanges can produce the subtle insights necessary for understanding psychological complexes at a deeper level. It is within this context that old psychological problems such as obsessions, compulsions, addictions, jealousies, and control issues tend to surface full-blown and begin to play a much larger role. Personality traits and idiosyncrasies also affect the ability to relate in a meaningful manner. During the year, your relationship with another, usually a lover or spouse, will go through a period of transition. Both of you must look at the mechanisms by which you relate. The desire to control another is usually a central theme with manipulation and game-playing inherent in the process. You need to be aware of these ploys since they are impediments to greater intimacy and freedom. Complex power dynamics involving love and hate eliminate the possibility of freedom for one or both partners. Each must do as the other bids in order to suppress the unconscious fears motivating the need to control. 

It is only through insight and an understanding of the underlying fears that one is able to dismantle the psychological complexes and begin to handle relationships clearly.

 The year can bring greater intimacy to those who are willing to work together to strengthen their commitment to one another while at the same time dismantling the control mechanism. Because of the placement in your solar return, you must make the transition, but it is up to others to decide whether or not to make the necessary changes also. If you are in need of a deeper, more intimate relationship than your loved one is capable of at this time, you may seek counseling, sever your present commitment, or seek other avenues for intimate exchanges. There are no easy solutions to the complex problems of relating. 

If you are not already in a relationship, this can be a milestone year for you, one in which you are strongly attracted to someone new or some-one you have been previously only acquainted with. Lost loves may return. Intimacy needs are increased at this time, and you now need in-depth encounters. Intensity will be the norm, and you do not care to waste time on superficial interactions. Even nonromantic relationships can have an over-powering effect on you. Your psyche is vulnerable to the insight of others. Even those you meet only briefly can have a tremendous effect on your life. 

Soul-level manifestations involve new relation-ships which are karmic attractions that force the individual to question seriously all past and present relationships.

 The triggering mechanism is a desire for a new level of intimacy. The person you are drawn to may not be representative of someone you would choose for yourself on the conscious level. The implication here is that the unconscious chooses and there is no room for cliched romances. Only something very different will create the inten-sity necessary for the overwhelming growth pat-tern associated with this placement. 

The issues that are dealt with this year involve a serious challenge to your ability to handle intimacy in a new way. 

The questions one should ask when faced with a relationship of this intensity are, 'To what depths am I willing to go in order to acquire the insight necessary to understand my relation-ships as they exist now? Am I willing to face myself  truthfully as one-half of, and contributor to, a complex interaction that affects both my capacity for soul growth and also the ability of others to excel? Am I willing to pay the price of vulnera-bility and honesty to acquire the highest level of intimacy to which I may aspire?" Intimacy at this level and intensity demands that one dismantle all defenses and stop all ploys for power. True power comes from shredding the persona to reveal the true self. By doing so, one gains power over self and encourages all others to let go of useless power ploys also. It is at this point that meaningful relat-ing on a karmic level can begin. 

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