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How People May Behave During the Solar Month of ARIES SEASON

The Sun in Aries Zodiac  March 21 - April 19 2023
  • Standard Western Astrology time
 Because Aries makes people want to force their reality onto you, just like we might onto others, we need to have a spiritual connection that will keep us from being submerged or ruled by others. We are the ultimate authority, and we choose whom to listen to. 

So keep that in mind when you encounter people that are acting in the following ways: 
• selfish 
• confrontational 
• me-first mentality 
• entitled 
• stubborn 
• headstrong 
• rushed 
• easily hurt 
• impulsive 
• walk over dead bodies
 Important Days 
• ( the spring equinox ) • ( ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛) 👉 twelve days of Aries ) • ( tree of life ascension ) • ( new moon in Aries ) • ( full moon of battles )

The First Twelve Days of ♈ ARIES SEASON: Harnessing the Whole Year

  The first twelve days of Aries, beginning on the spring equinox, are quantum-level opportunities where we plant positive energy to come into fruition in the corresponding month of the astrological year. On each of the first twelve days of Aries, we can contemplate the relevant consciousness and say the affirmation of the corresponding astrological month. 

Day 1: MARCH 21 2023
Day 2: MARCH 22 2023
Day 3: MARCH 23 2023
Day 4: MARCH 24 2023
Day 5: MARCH 25 2023
Day 6: MARCH 26 2023
Day 7: MARCH 27 2023
Day 8: MARCH 28 2023
Day 9: MARCH 29 2023
Day 10: MARCH 30 2023
Day 11: MARCH 31 2023
Day 12: APRIL 1 2023

We use the sun’s ingressions into each of the signs, Like Sun in Aries to see what’s going on here on Earth. With that said, the first day of Aries commemorates the new astrological year, a new rotation of the zodiac. As a leader, Aries represents our pioneering spirit and new beginnings. We see this manifestation in the meteorological manifestations: flowers bloom, and the bees begin to pollinate.

The best way to optimize the energy of the month of Aries is to consider the connection between cause and effect. Aries inherently rules legislation and regulation, and somehow this power of bureaucracy gives our inner Aries a sense of authority and rulership. Ironically, one of the most important regulations we tend to forget about is the law of cause and effect.


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