Astro Zodiac Observation Idea according to community

The Astrosignature of Zodiac Sign

  • I noticed that the first borns usually share the same moon sign as the mother. 
  • Siblings with an age gap often share the same Jupiter, or they trine. 
  • Scorpio venus are attracted to sad stori' es they could fall in love with someone because of it. 
  • Cancer placements talk non stop when you make them feel comfortable, 
  • Taurus suns go back to their ex often. 
  • Cancer moon men have bad tempers like babies.. 
  • Aries risings are super shy and are good at seeming calm, cool and collected., 
  • Capricorn rising dont want to be seen as boring ever, they will do anything they can to put themselves out there..theres nothing wrong with being boring sis just chill'