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Does the future husband also be seen in a dream?

 Let's take a look at this Dream Case Study, He asks if he also sees in the dream who the future husband is

She Dream about  about two Cute men she doesn't know that come out in her dream


It is not as if someone appears in your dream that we can immediately "identify" who those people are, because "an individual like you did not dream to show you the person coming into your life. ”

In a clearer explanation, but it also means the same: 

"We do not dream to show us the people who will come into our lives, instead we dream to show us what will happen next in the future."

Sometimes our dreams accurately describe "a story or event that Will happened in the Future

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Yes, it means "not human" but "next event" is what our unconscious self often shows every time we dream.

But if you insist on the question “who are the people we see in our dreams?”

Our response would be correct: "You are also dreaming of yourself." In other words, it is like this, "You or you are the one you see in your dream who is just pretending to be someone else. Yes, no matter who else you see in the said scene in your dream, you are also the one who hid in another form."

Just like or “strangers” or “people we don’t know” appear in our dreams the correct interpretation of that “they are also the hidden aspect of yourself” which means, “they are the people or character or habit, that you want to be like that! ”

For example “cute guy or the man who looks like Keano reib” in your dream, he appears  in your dream because the truth is, he is what your unconscious self wants and he is also the character or trait you wish to incorporate in yourself ”so he floated in the dream.

Meanwhile, when you ask about which of the two strangers in your dream will be your husband in case "you feel right that you can marry one of them?"

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I include the case Study because the Dream need to Interpret in a very personal way. There's is an GAP between interpreter and the dreamer, the interpreter need more personal info of the dreamer. that's where the problem comes in. 

Of course, the dreamer does not want to give personal information, especially if the interpreter is someone they know. This is also the reason when reading a Dream interpretation, it doesn't seem to match what you are actually experiencing. this is because the symbolic meaning, like for example Sea, water etc... varies depending on the scenario of the dream and your personal experience. where your mind is on fucos, your preoccupations. 

At the end of the day, you are the one to decide. Also Remember Your Dream often announce what the Future hold to you for the Next day or Year..


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