Astro Treasure Map for your Imagination and Inspiration


If you are involved in the arts, music, literature, or other creative areas, you are likely to find that new ideas easily come to you while you are in geographic areas where your intuition and imagination are intensified. You may also have more vivid dreams, and mystical or psychic experiences. These geographic areas are often good places to vacation or retreat from the everyday demands of life. However, these geographic areas can have negative effects as well as positive ones.

The Imagination and Inspiration Astro Map shows areas where your imagination and intuition are heightened.

There are also qualitative differences to various geographic areas. In some areas, for example, the effect may be more emotional, inclining you to dreamy romantic feelings, and in other areas it may be mental, inspiring new imaginative, creative ideas. Both areas are good for heightened imagination and intuition  but in different ways. 

You may find it more difficult to handle practical affairs, and your keen imagination can interfere with your ability to effectively handle daily chores and responsibilities. If you have a history of emotional or mental instability or weakness, or if you are a heavy drinker or use any kind of stimulants or drugs, you are likely to find that in these geographic areas life becomes more difficult for you because you will find it very difficult to cope with daily challenges. 

The increased sensitivity and imagination that you have in these geographic regions can have positive and/or negative results depending on your ability to successfully handle the astrological influences.

Areas of intensity on your Imagination and Inspiration Map are very sensitive to accuracy of birth time. On average, a difference of 1 minute in the time of birth can move the astrological influence about 15 miles in an east-west direction. 

Because it is very possible that your birth time can be inaccurate by a few minutes, you may find that the Imagination and Inspiration Map can pinpoint the towns and cities that are most suitable for you, but you must rely on your own intuition to guide you to the most suitable areas within that town.

Your Imagination and Inspiration Map is based on the most sophisticated and accurate astrological techniques available. These astrological influences have not yet been scientifically verified and astrology is a very controversial subject, but we do believe that there is validity to this map, and we hope you find it useful.