If Gemini Married to a Scorpio is Like Guessing Game

Oops. Who did I marry? Now what? This may be how you felt, Gemini, the first day of your marriage to Scorpio.

And Scorpio, that first morning as you woke up, you probably thought, Uh-oh, which twin did I marry?

And that’s the thing with this marriage combination. You keep each other guessing. Gemini, your sign is ruled by Mercury, the messenger—the planet that symbolizes communication, mental quickness and verbal acuity. The image for your sign is that of the twins, and it means you are often at odds with yourself. This internal conflict can manifest itself as two different people. No wonder Scorpio is wondering whom he married.

Scorpio, ruled by Pluto and co-ruled by Mars, 

tends to be inwardly focused on the things that interest him, so he may come across as remote. This, in turn, results in your moodiness, as discussed in the dating chapter. However, the place you two meet and commune is in the exploration of spiritual and psychic realms. It’s where the single burning question of Gemini’s life—why?—can be answered. And this place is the home of Scorpio’s soul. But getting to this place in the marriage may be challenging. It helps if one or both of you have a moon or rising in the other’s sign.

Hot Spots           |    Joint Finances.

Domestic Stuff   |   Career.

Social Life.         |   Kids.

Sex.                     |   Physical Fitness.

Exploration.       |    Creativity.


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