MARS Square or Opposition SATURN in your Yearly SOLAR RETURN

The solar return house placement for Mars indicates where you wish to take action and move ahead. 

The solar return house placement for Saturn indicates where resistance lies. 

Mars is the gas pedal, and Saturn is the brake. This is most evident with the square and opposition aspects. 

There are several possibilities with this combination: resistance either lies within you, outside of you, or in a combination of both. You are more likely to experience resistance as an external factor, but you cannot dis-count internal collusion.

Saturn has been called the teacher of the zodiac, the taskmaster. You have to get it right to move ahead. 

The process is one of honing your craft or perfecting your invention. Standards are high, and projects are worked and then reworked again and again. The danger is that over time and with several failed attempts, a lack of confidence sets in and you abandon further attempts. This is where collusion comes in; you must maintain your desire to proceed in the face of adversity and not give up. 

With Mars square or opposite Saturn in Solar Return, the most resistance you encounter will be experienced as external. While SATURN SQUARE Or OPPOSITION MARS  In 👉 Synastry Chart, suggests a strong commitment in which SATURN ( you ) SQUARE MARS ( Your Partner )  struggle to understand each other. On the one hand both SATURN SQUARE MARS Synastry  are committed to making this partnership work. learn more about this Synastry.
Mars square or opposite Saturn in Solar Return 
May take the form of a stressful situation, an inflexible institution, or a difficult person who delays or inhibits your progress. 

Efforts might be thwarted every inch of the way, all year long, especially if you are not ready, if you do not perform in a skilled manner, or if you do not put in an honest effort. Delays are common. Matters may take longer than expected. You can be delayed for reasons totally beyond your control, and those reasons do not have to be rational or reasonable. 

Frustrations are common, and your best option is to deal with circumstances directly. Start by analyzing your situation. Saturn rules reality and practicality. Your plans cannot be implemented if they are unrealistic or impractical. You have to comprehend what is and is not feasible. Only then can you understand problems correctly and implement effective solutions. 
  • Is there a lack of information or a misunderstanding? 
  • What are your options and what should you address first? 
Map out your strategy and develop a plan to address issues. You are better able to outmaneuver when you are organized. Learn to be patient and persevere. Time spent in preparation can be a game changer, so put in the effort up front. Assess the barrier to success whether human or otherwise. Progress in any endeavor depends on your strengths. Knowledge, skill, persistence, experience, and discipline are your stepping stones to success. Remember, nothing is given, and everything must be earned. 

In the most negative of situations, progress is frustrated completely. You actions are thwarted by others, institutions, or regulations, if not by your own lack of organization and unrealistic expectations. You might feel like your life is on hold for much of the year. Should progress become absolutely impossible, back off and choose a different path. 

Freedom of action can be limited. Limitations are either innate to any given situation or created externally. Some limitations are unavoidable, and some are artificial and un-necessary. Still, you may have to comply to succeed. You might also have responsibilities which restrict your freedom. These may be self-imposed or imposed by others. It might be important to adhere to restraints and to meet challenges within guidelines. This can force you to manage your time more efficiently and narrow your focus. Those who are able to work with life's demands under the taskmaster Saturn will be highly productive. 

As you strive to succeed in any endeavor, you have to maintain an awareness of societal structures, norms, and institutions even if they feel overly restrictive. Certain requirements will be expected of you. Those requirements may be exacting so do not step out of line. Your actions have repercussions and punishments can be severe. Saturn is associated with rules and the authorities who enforce those rules. 

For example, if you want to borrow money to purchase a home, you must deal with a mortgage company and meet their requirements for loan approval. If you do not complete the paperwork, have a good credit rating, and show that you have the financial resources and stability necessary to repay the mortgage, you will not get a loan. Should you misrepresent your income or debts, serious consequences will result. Even if you do meet all the requirements, you might still be denied the loan on a technicality. Suppose you have no debt because you always pay cash; you also have no credit record. Whatever you are attempting to do during the coming year, may require that you pass a test of some kind if you are to be taken seriously. 

You may have to cut back on activities after a realistic assessment of your feelings or life situation tells you to do so. This might include limitations associated with age, health, or finances. You have important responsibilities or concerns and need to set priorities. For in-stance, if you are a young mother wishing to quit work because you have small children to care for at home, you must pay off bills and ad-just the budget downward from two incomes to one. Careful planning and attention to detail can help you accommodate most changes. 

This is a good Solar Return year to tackle a difficult, lengthy, time-consuming project. 

Expect to stay in it for the long haul; this is not the time for a quick fix. If impediments are innate to the task at hand and understandable, you probably know the hurdles going in, and are more likely to be disciplined in your approach from the very beginning. If you accept this type of challenge, you are intent on stretching your expertise into new areas of mastery.

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Planet in Solar return Apecting in SATURN
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