Astro Treasure Map for attracting good business situations

 Your Vocation and Career Map is based on the most sophisticated and accurate astrological techniques available.

These astrological influences have not yet been scientifically verified and astrology is a very controversial subject, but we do believe that there is validity to this map, and we hope you find it useful. 

There are also qualitative differences to various geographic areas. In some areas, for example, you are more energetic and focused on the tasks at hand and therefore you are more effective and consequently more successful in your work, while in other areas you attract benefits from people who are wealthy or powerful. 

Both areas are good for improving your work environment but the quality of the influence is different. Given below is a brief explanation of the influences that are in your Career and Vocation Map.

Areas of intensity on your Vocation and Career Map are very sensitive to accuracy of birth time. On average, a difference of 1 minute in the time of birth can move the astrological influence about 15 miles in an east-west direction. 

Because it is very possible that your birth time can be inaccurate by a few minutes, you may find that the Vocation and Career Map can pinpoint the towns and cities that are most suitable for you, but you must rely on your own intuition to guide you to the most suitable areas within that town.