Example Case Study chart - Sun in the 12th house of Solar return

Linda called for a reading because of a message she was receiving intuitionally. The message was, "You must leave your husband!". Linda loved her husband and had no reason to leave. 

With the Sun in the 12th house of solar return, we can suspect that although Linda was opening-up intuitively, she was also subject to fear and anxiety.   

Solar Return chart VENUS - NEPTUNE Aspect

If you are already involved in a stable emotional relationship, Neptune-Venus — Ruler of Pisces, aspects in solar return chart may be more relevant to financial concerns than romantic interests. 
Financial circumstances will exhibit a degree of uncertainty, but only rarely is a person un-employed for part of the Solar Return year and not sure where the next dollar is coming from. 

PLUTO sextile or trine MERCURY in your yearly Horoscope

It can indicate that your conscious mind is both very aware of unconscious material or psychological complexes, and able to use insights constructively. 

Awareness may originate from naturally occurring insights into human behavior or educational pursuits, but it is less likely to be emotionally disruptive. 

When Mercury is sextile or trine Pluto in Solar Return, the experience is mostly intellectual. 

You are better able to perceive what is unspoken or hidden and motivations will be clearer to you even when they are not stated.

PLUTO Square or Opposite MERCURY in your Yearly Horoscope

It indicates that your conscious mind and daily life are being strongly affected by unconscious material and psychological complexes.

 The issues may be yours or someone else's, but most likely, multiple personalities and factors are involved. 
Regardless, your awareness and responses are key to coping with challenges you face this solar return year. 

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE in your Yearly Solar Return chart

Moon conjunct to Neptune — Ruler of Pisces, in the solar return chart can show both increased sensitivity to life's subtleties and increased uncertainty. 
It is common when intuition increases that one is not sure what is true or real.

PLUTO in 3rd House in your Yearly Horoscope

The power of this Pluto in 3rd house of Solar Return chart placement lies with a psychological understanding of the workings of the unconscious mind as it relates to verbal communication. 

NEPTUNE IN 4TH HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

Uncertainty is connected with the home or your living quarters, and you may not be certain where you will be living in the future or who will be living with you. 

MOON SQUARE or OPPOSITE PLUTO in your yearly Solar return chart

The Moon square or opposite Pluto in Solar return chart implies an emotional makeup which is complicated by unconscious psychological influences. 


MERCURY IN 7TH HOUSE of your yearly horoscope

A 7th house Mercury in the solar return chart can signal the importance of communication with others during the coming Solar Return year. 
You may spend a lot of time discussing, explaining, negotiating, and even arguing with others, especially if you have a major project or issue that needs to be handled.


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