Solar Return chart MARS - VENUS Aspect

Mars-Venus aspects in a Solar return chart 
Imply that actions either support or conflict with relationship and/or financial needs..

It is important for partners to be supportive of each other's actions and to appreciate what is being done. 
For example, 

Sun in the 5th of Solar return chart - With case Study

The Sun in the 5th house of Solar Return emphasizes the need to express yourself more fully. 

When the Sun is in the 1st house, you try to find out who you are, but when the Sun is in the 5th house, you know who you are, and have a stronger-than-usual urge for expression. 

Having your Sun in this house can mean watching your personality bloom. This is a wonderful position for those who have been compromised in the past and now feel the need to be more assertive. 

Sun in the 10th house of Solar return - With Case Study

 If you want a strong career year, this is it. The Sun in the 10th house places a strong emphasis on all career endeavors. .. See Case study for Sun in 10th house

This is a good time to push for advancement and work toward greater career fulfillment. You are more likely to make major career decisions or be recognized for professional achievements at this time. You are also more likely to be reprimanded for professional misconduct. 

Does the future husband also be seen in a dream?

 Let's take a look at this Dream Case Study, He asks if he also sees in the dream who the future husband is

She Dream about  about two Cute men she doesn't know that come out in her dream


It is not as if someone appears in your dream that we can immediately "identify" who those people are, because "an individual like you did not dream to show you the person coming into your life. ”

In a clearer explanation, but it also means the same: 

Example Case study chart - SUN in the 7th of Solar return Chart

Anytime you have four or more planets in a house, you're in danger of overload. 

The areas of life associated with the house interpretation can consume most of your time and energy.

In Patricia's solar return chart, five planets are in the 7th house of Solar return chart.  
  • SOLAR RETURN CHART BASIC : from first house to 12 house 
  • SUN IN ( |1ST || ) ( | 2ND || ) (  | 3RD || ) ( | 4TH || ) ( |5TH | ) ( | 6TH | ) ( | 7TH | ) ( | 8TH | ) ( | 9TH | ) ( | 10TH | ) ( | 11TH | ) ( | 12TH | ) HOUSE


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