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Transiting MARS Aspect in Natal MERCURY

- Transit to natal Aspect in the Sky MAJOR MIND THEME : In Sextile or Trine Aspect Mental excitement.  Intellectual energy.  Engineering solutions to problems.  The urge to get things done, to be in the action. Decisiveness.  Good and rapid responses.  Fast pace.  Successful business interaction with others. Accomplishment. Mercury sextile Radix Mars or transit to natal aspect in the sky,  speeds up your mind and reflexes.  TRANSITING MARS SEMISQUARE NATAL MERCURY  In Semisquare Aspect, Agitated mind.  Working under stress.  Pressure to solve problems.  Hectic conditions.  The necessity to get things done rapidly.  Irritations. Injuries.  Impulsive reactions, anger, hostility, conflicts of interest, etc.  Criticism and sarcasm. 👉   Transit of MARS 2023 in The Zodiac Sign 👉   Transiting URANUS Conjunction Natal MARS   RADIX Mean  The radical map: the horoscope of birth, the root from which everything is judged.  The radical or birth positions of the planets , Vs current position o

MERCURY IN 5TH HOUSE of Solar Return Astrology Chart

   A 5th house Mercury can indicate an increased interest in creative pursuits. This is a good time to express yourself artistically or creatively.  Writing articles or books, composing music or poetry, painting, or sculpting will channel your self-expression into artistic media.  MERCURY IN :  ( |  1ST   | ) , ( |   2ND   | ) , ( |  3RD   | ) , ( |  4TH   | ) , ( |  5TH   | ) , ( |  6TH  | ) , ) , ( |  7TH   | ) ( |  8TH   | )  ( |  9TH   | ) , ( |   10TH   | ) , ( |   11TH  | ) , ( |  12TH   | )   HOUSE SOLAR RETURN You are not necessarily any more creative this Solar return year year than you were last year, but you have a stronger need for self-expression.  FREE BIRTH CHART READING :    By Reddit Community 👉  r/astrosignature  or by email: 👉  it's your choice And get the answer you need 100% free within 24 hours .. The key here is to find some positive way to use your mental abilities in expressing yourself more fully. You do not have to be artistic

Solar Return chart MOON - SATURN Aspect

While the Moon in aspect to Uranus in Solar Return  Suggests an inability to suppress emotional information, Moon-Saturn aspects in Solar return chart, are more closely associated with emotional control.. If you are involved in an important project which you feel must be completed, you can work despite any emotional strain.  You take your commitments seriously and will enforce restrictions on your own behavior or suppress feelings in order to get the job done. This is a time when responsibility wins out over emotional expression.  ... For example,  a high school senior pushed himself in his chosen sport. 

The HARMONIC pattern For ROCK Musician

  Harmonic astrology is a part of Advance Astrology that delves deeper into the relationships between planets and points in your birth chart by using harmonics. It goes beyond the traditional aspects like conjunctions, squares, and trines, which are based on dividing the zodiac circle by 2, 3, or multiples of them..

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