Transiting CHIRON Square ASCENDANT

- Transit to Natal Aspect in the Sky 

If this Square transit happens early in your life then it is likely to be associated with a time of sensitivity and childhood hurts. 
Later in life you are faced with a time of pain and healing. 

VENUS sextile or trine to PLUTO in your Yearly Horoscope

Venus sextile or trine to Pluto in Solar Return chart can show exciting, emotional involvements and beneficial financial situations. 

Transiting MARS Aspect in Natal MERCURY

- Transit to natal Aspect in the Sky

MAJOR MIND THEME : In Sextile or Trine Aspect

  • Mental excitement. 
  • Intellectual energy. 
  • Engineering solutions to problems. 
  • The urge to get things done, to be in the action.
  • Decisiveness. 
  • Good and rapid responses. 
  • Fast pace. 
  • Successful business interaction with others. Accomplishment.

Mercury sextile Radix Mars or transit to natal aspect in the sky,  speeds up your mind and reflexes. 

Transiting URANUS Conjunct Natal NORTH NODE

Transit to Natal Aspect in the sky 

Be prepared for the unpredictable. 


MERCURY IN 5TH HOUSE of Solar Return Astrology Chart

 A 5th house Mercury can indicate an increased interest in creative pursuits. This is a good time to express yourself artistically or creatively.
 Writing articles or books, composing music or poetry, painting, or sculpting will channel your self-expression into artistic media. 
  • MERCURY IN : ( | 1ST  | ) , ( |  2ND  | ) , ( | 3RD  | ) , ( | 4TH  | ) , ( | 5TH  | ) , ( | 6TH | ) , ) , ( | 7TH  | ) ( | 8TH  | )  ( | 9TH  | ) , ( |  10TH  | ) , ( |  11TH | ) , ( | 12TH  | )  HOUSE SOLAR RETURN
You are not necessarily any more creative this Solar return year year than you were last year, but you have a stronger need for self-expression. 

MERCURY Retrograde in your Yearly Solar Return chart

Mercury is usually retrograde in the solar return chart every six years. 

When Mercury is retrograde in Solar Return, it is time to be introspective, especially about those things related to Mercury's house placement. 

You should be doing a lot of your own thinking and learning rather than depending on others. Integrate previously acquired information into your own individualized mindset. 

Think of your mind as an over-loaded cabinet or closet seriously in need of filing and organization. It is time to process. You probably already know everything you need to know to handle a certain life situation. 

Solar Return chart MOON - SATURN Aspect

While the Moon in aspect to Uranus in Solar Return 

Suggests an inability to suppress emotional information, Moon-Saturn aspects in Solar return chart, are more closely associated with emotional control..

If you are involved in an important project which you feel must be completed, you can work despite any emotional strain. 

You take your commitments seriously and will enforce restrictions on your own behavior or suppress feelings in order to get the job done. This is a time when responsibility wins out over emotional expression. 
For example, a high school senior pushed himself in his chosen sport. 


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