Are "Cusp Zodiac Signs" Real? Can You Really Be two Zodiac Sign at once?

 If you were born around the time when the Sun moved from one zodiac sign to another, you might think of yourself a "cusp"—somebody who embodies the traits of both signs. But in fact, "cusp signs" are hotly debated in astrology. 

NEPTUNE IN FIRST HOUSE Of Solar Return Astrology Chart

its very highest manifestation, Neptune in the 1st house of Solar return is associated with a renewed commitment of the self to a higher force or principle. 

This placement implies spirituality in being and in action. 

It is not enough to believe in higher forces—you must also act accordingly, practicing what you preach.


What is Written in the Star about your Sleeping Pattern

When it comes to sleeping patterns, everyone is different. Sure, it'd be pretty awesome if you could fall asleep in under five minutes every night and stay asleep until your alarm goes off (I don't know how some people do this!), but a lot of people often have trouble sleeping, whether it's struggling to fall asleep or becoming restless throughout the night. 

No matter which category you fall into, your tendencies may be impacted by the zodiac.

There are certain sleeping patterns that may be more probable based on your zodiac sign, so if you're curious. 

Read on and see what the stars have laid out for you. --->>>


ARIES        -  TAURUS   -  GEMINI


CANCER   -      LEO       -   VIRGO


LIBRA       -  SCORPIO  -   SAG


CAP           -     AQUA     -  PISCES

What you do that makes you one of a kind According to Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign has certain traits that cannot be found in other signs. And even if they are found in other signs, it’s usually because the person has a primary sign such as Moon or Rising zodiac sign. For instance, even if you are a Gemini, you might have certain traits of Pisces if either your Moon or Rising sign is in this placement.

But generally speaking, your Sun sign will reign in matters of personality and specialized giftings that truly reveals what makes you of a kind.

So, if you want to find out what you do that makes you one of a kind and what you're naturally great at, per Zodiac Sign, keep reading!

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what makes you truly one of a kind is your go-getter attitude and your unapologetic passion for life that shines through your sometimes impulsive but exciting actions.

Career Astrology 2022 : Find your Ideal Job using Progress Chart

 Progressions is one of the methodologies used in analysis and synthesis of horoscope.

It takes into consideration the progressive movement of planets through the space taking the birth time horoscope as the basis.

This is called the progression of the horoscope.

Let me give you example, using may own Birth data. to find out My  Ideal Job, According to  Astrological Progression

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This Astrological Progression is Written By the Star to Apply for Individual use only. fill up this form for your personal progressed chart.

2022 Progression

Astrological Transit of JUPITER in 5th house of Children and Creativity

Are you willing to take the risk of showing the world who you really are? 

Many of us say we'd like to have more love and creativity in our lives, and Transit of Jupiter in the fifth house evokes visions of bodice-ripping romance and many happy hours spent dabbling with finger paints. 

Astrological transit of VENUS in 6th House of Health

How can you make your daily life more pleasurable, more harmonious and balanced? 

SATURN Conjunct in your Yearly MERCURY Return chart

Mercury conjunct Saturn in the solar return chart suggests a serious and structured approach to life issues and problems. 

There is almost a mandate to be realistic about situations while taking full responsibility for solving problems. More than likely, the buck stops here. 

Life is organized in such a way that you must make decisions not only for yourself, but also for others. Study choices in depth and choose wisely.