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JUPITER IN THE 9TH HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

There is a strong emphasis on spirituality with this Jupiter in 9th House of Solar return placement.  It seems that an individual naturally begins to look for a higher understanding of the life purpose.  Study of a spiritual nature is frequently associated with Jupiter in the 9th of Solar return chart , but teaching and direct application of principles are more likely for those who are further advanced.  

PLUTO in the 11th house of your yearly Horoscope

Pluto in the 11th house of Solar return , commonly implies involvement in a group and the experience of power and transformation within this setting.  You may be the leader or a follower, but in either case, you must handle the issue of power as it relates to individual needs versus group needs. - . This can be a Year when you accomplish more through group efforts than you do on your own. ALSO READ:   Transit Of PLUTO in 11th House of Freindship  ,  The long-term transit that last for about 12 years.