JUPITER IN THE 9TH HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

There is a strong emphasis on spirituality with this Jupiter in 9th House of Solar return placement. 

It seems that an individual naturally begins to look for a higher understanding of the life purpose.


The Moon and the Cycle of Change in Solar Return chart

 The solar return Moon seems to have two consistent themes throughout all of the houses. First and most simply, the Moon is associated with change and fluctuation ac-cording to its house position.

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 Secondly, and probably more importantly, the Moon reflects the individual's emotional nature during the solar return year. 

Feelings, temperament, and emotional needs can be assessed by the Moon's placement, sign, and aspects. 

MARS RETROGRADE in your yearly Solar return chart

When Mars is retrograde in the solar return chart, the individual must work with the process of self-motivation.

PLUTO in the 11th house of your yearly Horoscope

Pluto in the 11th house of Solar return year, commonly implies involvement in a group and the experience of power and transformation within this setting. 

You may be the leader or a follower, but in either case, you must handle the issue of power as it relates to individual needs versus group needs.

This can be a time when you accomplish more through group efforts than you do on your own.


When the solar return Ascendant is in Leo, 

self-expression in all of its artistic, romantic, procreative, and dramatic forms take center stage. You blossom when creating, whether raising children or orchestrating the life you want to live. "To thine own self be true" is your motto. 

PLUTO in the 4th House of your Yearly Horoscope

Pluto in the solar return 4th house is the single best indicator of moving from one home to another. Uranus in the 4th house can also indicate relocation, but when Uranus is in the solar return 4th,

 you are more likely to have changes or disruption within the domestic environment, particularly involving family members or roommates. 


Solar Return chart MARS-JUPITER Aspect

Actions which directly support or contradict belief systems are associated with Mars-Jupiter aspects in the solar return chart. 

Personal ethics and morals may be respected or transgressed, depending on the practicality of the belief, the individual's personality traits, and the amount of conflict and stress experienced.

Solar Return MARS-SATURN Aspect

 Mars-Saturn aspects in Solar Return, imply a need for well-planned activity which is strongly based on a realistic assessment of the situation. 

If you are involved in a major project, personality characteristics such as discipline, perseverance, and organizational ability may be needed for the hard work ahead.