Pluto conjunct in your Yearly MERCURY solar return chart

It indicates that your conscious mind is very aware of unconscious material and psychological complexes.

 The awareness may be overwhelming depending on the house placement of the planets, the sign they are in, and your resistance to self-examination.

SATURN Opposite or Square in your yearly MERCURY return chart

When Mercury is square or opposite Saturn there can be a communication disconnect Others may not want to hear what you have to say or you might have problems expressing yourself given the intellectual climate. 

There may be limitations on what you can say, where and when you can say it, and how you deliver the message. 

Neptune SEXTILE or TRINE in your Yearly MERCURY Solar Return Chart

It suggests you are inspired by compassion, creativity, and spirituality. 

You are comfortable with a more enlightened inter-action with others and the environment. Your sensitivity to subtle emotional connections among all people increases your concern for certain individuals in particular and humanity as a whole. 

You are able to acquire esoteric information freely through intuitive insights. This feeds your spiritual development and creative impulses. Though dealing with these subtle themes can lead to some uncertainty and confusion in the thinking process, you feel protected on your path and easily follow the guidance you receive. 

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You are not thrown off track by what others think, say, or do. You are your own authority and able to weigh intuitive information for its accuracy without fear or anxiety. Complex concepts and idealistic in-sights are both understood and translated into practical applications for mundane situations you face. This helps you to resolve issues with ease and fosters improvements leading to success. 

Factual information you receive during the year may be partial, inaccurate, vague, and most importantly, inconsequently. What you are told may not be dependable and therefore should not be the only basis for decision making. You have to consider information coming from various sources, both internal and external. 

This is why the intuition is so important. It rounds out your perception and balances left brain input with right brain insights. Though secrecy plays a role during the year, secrets rarely remain hidden. The truth is revealed. 

Your normal points of reference for evaluating information may be changing from an external focus to an internal awareness. At first, you may feel disoriented or confused by this shift, but there is an innate knowing if you follow your gut. You can make good decisions and accurately evaluate your circumstances and options, especially if you trust a Higher Power in your moments of uncertainty. In the meantime, focus on compassion rather than a search for factual truth. Develop your right-brain, creative, artistic, intuitive, and spiritual processes. Go with the flow of consciousness, and you will open to a whole new way of knowing and perceiving. 

Neptune SEXTILE or TRINE in your Yearly MERCURY Solar Return Chart

It suggests you are inspired by compassion, creativity, and spirituality. You are comfortable with a more enlightened inter-action with others and the environment.. Read more...

Neptune SQUARE or OPPOSITE in your Yearly MERCURY Solar Return Chart

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Neptune Conjunct in your yearly MERCURY Solar Return Chart

Mercury conjunct Neptune in the solar return chart suggests you are either motivated by compassion, creativity, and spirituality, or lost in a fog... Read more...

Neptune in aspect to your Yearly MERCURY Solar return chart

Suggests working with the less clearly defined psychological drives such as compassion, creativity, and spirituality... Read more...

Your yearly VENUS Return Chart Conjunct Neptune

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Solar Return chart MERCURY - SATURN aspect

Saturn aspecting Mercury suggests a more serious and structured perception of reality. 

Life is organized in such a way that decisions and changes have far-reaching consequences. Choices may be studied in depth before any decisions are made. 

For some, there will be no good and clear choice. Dilemma situations can plague the Mercury-Saturn combination. It is likely that at least one major decision will be made during the year.