The Moon sextile or trine Pluto in Solar return chart implies insight and access into one's own emotional nature and unconscious. 

This aspect is gentler than the conjunction, square, or opposition. Even if you are basically psychologically healthy, your emotions may still be tainted or seasoned by events or complexes. 


You could be reliving a former happening in an immediate situation. The nature of this connection and revelation is meant to be healing. This is a time of renewal and growth.

Usually someone or thing is available to assist you in this process. By being observant and psychologically aware, you can gain insight into issues affecting you and peel away layers of psychological debris from the past Relationships are likely to be affected by this process of revelation and your new-found awareness. Clearing complexes can open you to relating with greater intimacy. Sharing your insights can deepen your connec-tions. This is a good time to strive to empower yourself and others. 

In the process of gaining insight and psychological awareness, you can also learn to deal with manipulators and their attempts at manipulation. You need not be a victim. Emo-tional blackmail and manipulation only work if you allow another person to have control over some portion of your life. As soon as you begin to control yourself and take responsibility for your own well-being, manipulators tend to lose all power. There are others who will take your side in any conflict. Perhaps strength in numbers is the way to proceed. 

The Moon sextile or trine to Pluto can be very beneficial to writers, counselors, psychology students, artists, therapists, or those whose career depends on their ability to understand human nature. This aspect signals options for greater insight and empowerment. This might be particularly helpful for profes-sional advancement and popularity. In the end, success comes from psychological and emotional balance. Remaining focused and steady in your pursuit of achievement leads to attainment. 

A very pleasant reason for being so intense and emotional is an involvement in a new and 

exciting romantic relationship. All relation-ships, even those which are established, are subject to change and new insight. Domestic situations are also in the process of changing. Moving or planning to move is possible. Chil-dren or parents may move in or out, or you might welcome a new baby home. Should you remain in the same location, you can renovate or add to your existing house. 

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