Career Astrology 2022 : Find your Ideal Job using Progress Chart

 Progressions is one of the methodologies used in analysis and synthesis of horoscope.

It takes into consideration the progressive movement of planets through the space taking the birth time horoscope as the basis.

This is called the progression of the horoscope.

Let me give you example, using may own Birth data. to find out My  Ideal Job, According to  Astrological Progression

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This Astrological Progression is Written By the Star to Apply for Individual use only. fill up this form for your personal progressed chart.

2022 Progression

2021 progression

As See in the Progress Chart, there are to long term planet, Pluto Conjuct Uranus and Neptune trine Pluto ,  this planetary combination has a long term effect in my Birth Chart that need to pay close attention. 

Everything you need to know about  URANUS return in your Natal chart


Age 21 

At twenty-one, we all experience the first square from transiting Uranus to our natal Uranus position, and most of us go a little bit nuts. We cut our hair in some extreme way, move far from home, get involved with bad relationships and sketchy behavior. 

There is often the unsettling feeling of no longer knowing who you are or what you want from life. But there is a positive impulse at work here too: the desire to throw off the rules and constraints with which you were raised and claim a life that is uniquely yours. Everything seems possible, past restrictions are thrown away with both hands, and if you wish to, you can create a life that’s absolutely different from the one you inherited from your parents. Learn More ...