LIBRA Monthly Astrological review


Libra,  If you got through 2018 and 2019 with your health and sanity intact, you’re a hero and deserve to take many bows! This was a real achievement. Last year was much easier than 2019, and the year ahead is easier than 2020. Health and energy are much improved. Pre-existing conditions should be less troublesome. And with that comes more energy to achieve your goals. 

Your 5th house of fun, children and creativity is very strong this year. You deserve some fun after the past few years that you’ve had, Libra. This is a time to be creative and do things that you enjoy. Libras of childbearing age are more fertile than usual, and a pregnancy wouldn’t be a surprise.

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Jupiter will make a brief flirtation into your 6th house health and work this year – from May 14 to July 29 and from December 30 onwards. This will bring very happy job opportunities. Next year will also be good for job seekers. 

Uranus moved into your 8th house of transformation in March 2019, and he will be there for many more years to come. This shows sexual experimentation. It shows that the spouse, partner or current love is experimental in finances. Those of you of appropriate age are making changes to your wills – multiple changes. 

Pluto has been in your 4th house of home and family for many years – since 2008. He will be there for a few more years. This could have brought deaths in the family and shake-ups in the family unit. This transit is almost over – you have three more years of it – but it seems to me that the worst is over. 


  •  Love Planet-Mars 
  • Money Planet-Pluto 
  • Planet of Communications -Jupiter 
  • Planet of Health and Work - Neptune 
  • Planet of Home and Family Life- Saturn 
  • Planet of Spirituality and Good Fortune - Mercury 

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