Transiting CHIRON Trine Natal ASCENDANT

In Transit to Natal Aspect in The Sky,  or in other word, The Current Transit of CHIRON in the Sky are Very related to your Natal ASCENDANT in Trine or Sequisquare Aspect

  • Trine Aspect will last for about Half of the Month

This is a time of rejuvenation and regeneration, 
When you have the opportunity to release troubling aspects of your life and walk a new path. 

This could literally mean healing a physical wound or, more metaphorically, mending broken bridges. You now have the chance to forgive and forget, and to focus on your own talents and gifts. and if 👉 CHIRON in Synastry Chart, This aspect is often found in the synastry charts of people who are drawn to helping others... learn more about this Synastry


In Square or Sesquisquare,


Your attempts to express your true self are thwarted, perhaps through your own lack of understanding or through circumstances. 

Obstacles seem insurmountable.

You are likely to lack energy, and may even suffer from a physical illness. 

✍(◔◡◔)  Also note:
 When using these interpretations CHIRON Trine and Sesquisquare ASCENDANT
Please bear in mind that, inevitably, every chart will contain some contradictory influences, and as a result certain interpretations of different items in the same chart may seem difficult to reconcile. 

AGAIN, Pls Notice  Transiting CHIRON, as you look up in the Sky Are in Aspect to Natal ASCENDANT So it mean ..

Transiting ASCENDANT Aspect in Natal CHIRON, is Different interpretation

In Transit to Natal, Different order different interpretation, take note on that.

However, this may still be an accurate reflection of what is happening to the individual whose transits are being interpreted, as people do experience conflicting desires, events and circumstances in their lives. 

It is the responsibility of the astrologer to synthesise these apparent contradictions in order to present a cohesive and realistic interpretation of the dilemmas of the chart. 

Transiting CHIRON Square  ASCENDANT 

  • If this transit happens early in your life then it is likely to be associated with a time of sensitivity and childhood hurts. Later in life you are faced with a time of pain and healing..Learn more..

Transiting CHIRON Semisquare Natal Midheaven 

  • You would like to pursue a direction in your professional life which is more in line with your heart's desires. However,.
CHIRON SQUARE RADIX CHIRON - A healing process is involved
  • Your experience during this transit will vary, depending on whether this is your first or second Chiron square. ..


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