Which place should you consider when casting your Solar Return chart?

 The place of birth or the place where the subject physically is at the very moment of the Solar Return?

 In my opinion this is a pointless and rhetorical question, but since someone did raise the issue, I try to give a detailed answer, supported by astrological evidence. 


Since the time astrology has been practised, it has always been associated with the place and the time in which something is being born. There is an ancient saying: everything that is born can be born under a lucky or unlucky star. The horoscope, that is to say the birth chart, is a photograph of the sky at the moment of someone’s or somebody’s birth, and this photograph is always taken in the place of the happy event. For Much More Accurate and personalize, submit your Birth data, 👉 Just Fill up this form

Some might argue that the photograph should be taken in the place of conception. This is a mistake, because the astrology we all are practicing has been built on the relationship between birth and sky. This does not mean that – starting from today – we could begin to study a new astrology that deals with the terrestrial and celestial links with the moment of conception, provided that this can be determined accurately. So let us stick to the several-thousand-year-old astrology that we have been using for a lifetime. 

Our astrology theorizes that the celestial imprinting that you receive at the moment of your birth fixes on your person – exactly like silver crystals get fixed on a photographic plate – and that it will be ‘responsible’ for (or in ‘relationship’ with) your entire life. Those who do not believe in this, do not believe in astrology either. 

Your birthday is the beginning of a new cycle of life that lasts during a year until your next birthday. This is perhaps the most important cycle of your life, so there is no reason why it should be calculated considering the place where you were born decades ago, neglecting the place where you are today.

 Some ask, “Do not  cast the yearly chart when the Sun goes back exactly on its natal position? If so, the natal Sun was in the sky, not on Earth. Therefore, if the chart of Solar Return is intended to recreate the same terrestrial-celestial situation of one’s birth, you should just cast the chart of SR every year considering only the place of birth. And by doing so, all the Solar charts would be the same!

” No, dear readers, you ‘domificate’ your chart taking into account the place where you are at the moment of your birthday – not that of your birth. To lead you to a thoughtful reflection that will confirm this fact, I will list the opinions of great astrologers after having expressed my own; then I will expose three practical and very enlightening cases. 

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Why is the exact time of birth is not essential when you analyze your Solar Return chart?

Contrary to what many people think, the exact time of birth is not a vital piece of information necessary to make correct forecast with Solar Returns.In fact, unlike primary directions, you can work well on Solar Returns even with an approximation of half an hour between the declared time of birth and the real one. However, it is logical to insist on the full commitment of your counselees, spurring them to get the most reliable source of their birth time – for example, obtaining documents containing their officially recorded time of birth from the appropriate registers. 

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