SATURN Opposite or Square MERCURY in your Yearly SOLAR RETURN

When Mercury is square or opposite Saturn in Solar return 
There can be a communication disconnect Others may not want to hear what you have to say or you might have problems expressing yourself given the intellectual climate. 
There may be limitations on what you can say, where and when you can say it, and how you deliver the message. 

You must work harder than normal to get the word out, and the process can be frustrating. In extreme cases, this is censor-ship. On the brighter side, resistance might lead you to refine and perfect your message. And if you Need to know your Future,  Ask me 1 free Question ✍(◔◡◔) INFO@ASTROSIGNATURE.COM 

In business and educational settings, investigate different media formats. Pictures, graphics, and formulas might help you get your points across. 

Teachers and writers need to be mindful of the needs of the audience and organize information into presentations that are understandable, informative, and practical. 

You will tend to have a serious and realistic approach to life issues and problems. In some situations, you need to make decisions and take on greater responsibility. Or, others might try to force you to make decisions and take on responsibility for issues that are not your own. It is up to you to determine exactly what is yours to address. Study choices in-depth and choose wisely. For some, there will be no good, clear choice, only the best choice given all the limitations. 

Dilemma situations plague Mercury-Saturn combinations In Solar Return. It is likely that at least one major decision involving life-altering consequences will be made during the year

Sometimes this decision is made under stress and includes greater responsibility on your part Decisions may have far-reaching effects on everyone involved.

For these reasons, you will tend to be cautious and conservative regarding any plans or changes you initiate. You want modifications that will produce positive results, greater stability, and lead to future success. 

Learning is associated with Mercury-Saturn aspects, and some individuals will seek a formal education such as a degree or certificate program. 
You might continue your education to fulfill professional requirements, or perhaps you feel uninformed and need to research a topic in greater depth. In some circumstances, reading and personal investigation will suffice, but regardless of the path you take, the material can be challenging or tedious. You might be required to prove your understanding and mastery of the information by passing a test or demonstrating a skill.

This is a good time to work on the completion of a major project You have the ability to channel mental energy into constructive pursuits, even to the point of forcing yourself to finish a difficult and boring task Work through any setbacks. If you are seeking someone's approval, listen to constructive criticism and suggestions, even if it means redoing part or all of your project or reorganizing your plans. 

The end product might be greatly improved by the changes and additions. 

Saturn square or opposite Mercury can indicate a pessimistic outlook on life, and for a few, this might lead to depression and criticism of self and others. Saturn is associated with realistic perceptions. 
For those who have built their lives around fantasy, realism is too stark and even shocking. These individuals do not want to deal with life as it really is, and they may lack the skills needed to make modifications. They get stuck in situations that may or may not be of their own making. 

The inability to seek alternative solutions to problems is the origin of much of the stress associated with Mercury square or opposite Saturn. The need for problem-solving is evident, but do you compromise or stand your ground? 

Keep looking for solutions. 

Work through frustrations. Honestly consider the advice of others, but in the end, make your own decisions, and you can produce tangible results by the end of the solar return year. 

Astrologers use the term "SATURN Opposite or Square MERCURY" to describe a particular Astrological Reading technique of observing the moving planets forward in YEARLY BASIS. 

This technique is aptly named because it describes how a person progresses through their life From Birth Day to Birth day.


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